Saturday 3 November 2012

Dr Soul To The Rescue

Mr H found himself rather ill this morning as a result of having Run Like The Wind in his head for the second day in a row. I thought that he might be able to hang on until Monday until some treatment would be dispensed but after a further review of the case notes I have decided that in order to make sure that the symptoms don't return in the morning an emergency script should be issued.

Take PRN (as required) as we say in the business but most certainly last thing at night to aid sleep and a better outlook in the morning.

This medication is also good for x-factoritis.

Warning - may induce involuntary movement in limbs

Al Kent - You've Got To Pay The Price


dickvandyke said...

Watch out for those involuntary movements. (Esp with your back. (And mine)). Or are the limb twitches, in fact, conditioned reflexes? .. Mr Pavlov .. it's over to you.

I've had my Xfactor jab this winter - so I'm immune.

davyh said...

I've had the first dose and am feeling better already but CC could still be back tomorrow, it's a worry. I shall aim to re-dose on the hour for the next four: will let you know how I get on.