Sunday 18 November 2012

Rather Delicate

Could you possible do things a bit quieter today. I seem to havedrunk a little too much last night and therefore am unable to function normally this morning.

Jesus, it really is a struggle to even think!

Here's something rather lovely.

Scout Niblett - Kiss


dickvandyke said...

Top 10 sympathetic wife quotes:

'It's your own fault'
'You kept me awake'
'You'll never learn'
'It's self-induced. AND you were mixing your drinks'.
'Sympathy! You'll find it in the dictionary between shite and syphilis'.
'Some weekend this is with the family'.
'And you promised we'd go to Ikea today to look at soft furnishings'.
'Have you taken any tablets?'
'You're not 19 any more'.
'WHY do you do it?'

Hissyfit said...

We seem to have drunk from the same bottle.
Japanese whisky eh?

dickvandyke said...

Oh, and straight in at No 7 ..

'It's not big. And it's not clever!'

drew said...

DVD - I think that I have heard 0ne, three and seven so far and "I didn't feel the need to get blootered".

Trevor a combination of Scrumpy Jack and OVD, not in the same glass, although I don't think that that would have made the outcome any different.

George said...

Excellent. You drink OVD. With lemonade I hope.

dickvandyke said...

What's OVD? (Apart from the initials of my sister - Ophelia)

Word veri is 'El Publed'.

drew said...

DVD - Old Vatted Demerara Rum. Basically dark rum, good stuff.

George last night neat but usually either Barr's ginger beer or Barr's (Strike)Cola. Just tried a hair of the dog with lemonade, very pleasant.

Swiss Adam said...

Hair of the dog- the only cure.

Artog said...

I have just emerged now after an absolutely shocking hangover. A lovely day (so I hear) completely written off. I so nearly didn't go out last night either. Whisky was my undoing.

drew said...

If I drink whisky, I lose a day as well Artog.

There maybe truth in that statement SA.