Sunday 4 November 2012

Don't Give Up What You Dream

Last Saturday night's Roddy Frame gig in Paisley Abbey was just about perfect, the surroundings were beautiful, the acoustics were crisp and clear and when Frame sang you could hear a pin drop. My only minor grumble was it was a bit staid, usually during Killermont Street, Down The Dip and other old faves there is a lot of singing along which just didn't happen, A minor gripe I know but as I said just about perfect.

Highlights of the night? If I were honest, every single track was magic but for me hearing Spanish Horses live again after what seems like a lifetime rates pretty highly. Oh and Roddy's cover of a Jessie Rae song made famous by Odessey was also pretty fucking amazing.


And if proof were needed to support my stance that Roddy Frame is one of the best guitarists ever. Exhibit 1


dickvandyke said...

Many thanks.
I can do the Sunday night shoe cleaning duties along to this.

drew said...

Do you do the shoe polishing on a Sunday night as well Dickie?

I usually do it listening to the Westminster Hour.

My bulling will not be a patch on yours I bet.

Swiss Adam said...

Making sandwiches and packed lunches. Always.

dickvandyke said...

Great stuff. I was going to ask if anyone still cleans shoes ahead of school and work.
Old fashioned values, eh.
And funnily enough drew, I have been 'bulling' the best black leather soled pair in prep for next Sunday's Remembrance Parade.

Jen said...

Been watching these on YouTube (takes up too much of my time so it does....)

Absolutely fantastic.

The Jesse Rae number must have thrown quite a few folks I imagine :-)

drew said...
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drew said...

Jen - think it,did, not as much as Spanish Horses did me. For,well over a decade at every Glasgow gig I have shouted out for it. When he said he was going to play it I was dumbfounded.