Sunday 1 April 2012

Old Raves End

I bought this album at the tail end of last year, listened to it once and duly forgot all about it until last week. After listening to it again I cannot understand why I have so criminally ignored this,  these past four or five months.

The trio that make up Swarms hail from Bristol and hence in the reviews of this album the usual Bristolian suspects all get a mention, Massive Attack, Portishead etc. Personally, I think that the album sounds like a collaboration between Burial and The Future Sound of London. It is one of those albums that flow and has to be listened to in it's entirety which doesn't mean that there aren't any standout tracks, there are, the one posted for example but they just all sound better as part of the whole rather than one off tracks. This album is well worth 42 minutes of anyone's attention and when listened to over and over only gives repeated pleasure.

Swarms - Flikr of ur Eyes

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HF Vandom said...

Cool album cover!