Wednesday 25 April 2012

Take A Good Look

The most expensive purchase of the weekend was also the spurr of the moment one. When checking through the listings of what was available I pretty much discounted the Fame Singles Box as it was far too expensive sure it would be nice to have just for the Art Freeman single alone but unjustifiable.

Thst position changed as soon as I got in the door of Monorail and I saw the boxset calling out to me from the shelf behind the counter. There was no point trying to fight it as I knew that if I didn't buy it I would almost certainly one drunken Saturday night  a few months down the line pay even more for it on eBay.

The stand out single has to be Keep On Talking by James Barnett an increadibly rare 45 which goes down a storm in northern circles. But for me the real find is the flip-side a tune more in keeping with the Muscle Shoals sound and which reminds me of Ted Hawkins interpretation of Bring It On Home To Me.

James Barnett - Take A Good Look


George said...

Excellent purchase and track today. The FAME 3-cd box set is great. I've just got a Boddie Recording Company comp, which might be of interest to you.

drew said...

George, that looks worth investing in but I will have to wait a couple of months, have gone mental recently on vinyl.