Tuesday 17 April 2012

Marvin Revised

If the man known as The Reflex had asked me beforehand what my opinion of his intention to re-fit songs by Marvin Gaye, I would have told him in no uncertain terms to leave them the fuck alone, there are certain artists that you do not muck about with and Marvin is one of them.

Just as well for me that my input was never sought as the results on the GAMM 12" of the refits of a couple of classic Gaye tracks and a very strange pairing of Amy Winehouse's vocals to Rehab over the backing track to He Was Really Saying Something, which works increadibly well, breathe new life into the tracks. Not that any of these tracks sounded stale in the first place but the new productions just add a different perspective which only prove that great songs are great songs and can deal with re-interpretation.

The Reflex - Ain't No Mountain

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