Thursday 19 April 2012


I was never the biggest fan of Ride. Apart from the first Slowdive album all the shoegaze stuff just sort of washed over me. But I do remember hearing this track and really liking it. It took me by surprise yesterday when it came up on shuffle as I had forgotten just how good it sounded.

Ride - OX4


Max said...

I know music's all about opinion and no one should be criticised for their own personal tastes. That's one of the reasons I love visiting all these blogs, as well as getting all misty eyed and wistful....
I always really liked Ride and loved 'Drive Blind' and 'Taste' from their early stuff. After that, delved deeper and loved 'Twisterella' from Going Blank Again and 'Magical Spring' from Carnival Of Light. Also thought that 'Let's Get Lost' (one of the extra tracks on the 'Birdman' single was class too. It was much later when someone played me 'Vapour Trail' that I realised how utterly amazing it was. Let's not forget that Ride did give Creation their first Top 75 placing with the Ride EP getting to No.72.

Swiss Adam said...

I liked the first two eps but I could take them or leave them. Never really heard their later stuff. This one's good. Lazy postcode song title though.