Friday 13 April 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

My postings have been rather pish this week down to spending all of my bloody annual leave painting both boys rooms. The only thing worse than emulsioning in my book has to be glossing and living in an old house with deep skirtings and enough fecking wood around the windows to build a shed it takes forever. This combined with me not being the most patient of people has got me rather vexed.

So I don't care that I have posted this track before, it's good enough to warrant another post. It is brilliant in fact, despite basically being made up of samples from another track and a breakbeat. To be honest with you it is probably on account of the samples that I love the track as nothing else the duo ever did hit the mark, for me anyway.

Have a good weekend people 

Liquid - Sweet Harmony with added crackles and pop

Twenty years ago, bloody hell tempus fugit as my Latin teacher was in the habit of saying.

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