Thursday 26 April 2012

I Found A Reason

Some of my favourite covers have been versions of songs of the Velvet Underground like the Kills version of Pale Blue Eyes and  Lone Justice's Sweet Jane. Most of the band's output has been covered at one point or another with Beck covering the whole first album to varying degrees of success.

Here is another of my favourites, where Chan Marshall does a gorgeous version of one of the standout tracks from the Velvets final album.

Cat Power - I Found A Reason


davyh said...

Lone Justice, or Cowboy Junkies?

I don't, in general, really like VU covers; they rarely add owt to the originals, and always smack of a sort of 'Look at me, I'm hip by association' thing I find a bit yawnsville.

Tracey Thorn's 'Femme Fatale' is nice, mind.

And C Junkies.

Oh bugger, as you were.

drew said...

Lone Justice, used to love the Cowboys Junkies version but think I sickened myself with it

davyh said...