Saturday 30 July 2011

Smiles In The Sunshine And Tears In The Rain

Right! we're off for part three of our summer vacances. This time a bit closer to home, Machrihanish,  probably less than a hundred miles as the crowflies but 169 miles and four and a half hours by road and we won't be detouring across the isle of Arran this time.

The week will either be spent on the beach playing football and building sandcastles and being eaten alive at night by midges or sitting in the caravan playing Connect 4 and impersonating Kofi Annan while Max and Leo try to batter lumps out of each other due to extreme boredom. Still I have a Brookmyre to finish and then Karl Marlentes Matterhorn to try and tackle.

As I am a lazy git and have been away much of this last week,  I have had no chance to do any posts not even a Friday dance one you will be glad to read, so nothing to see or hear here until either next Saturday or Sunday. We will not be coming home early this time I hope!

I will leave you with a track from a track from a tour only ep by Frightend Rabbit which features the dulcet tones of Tracyanne Campbell. I have been meaning to post acouple of early Camera Obscura tracks for a while now but just haven't gotten round to it.

Frightened Rabbit - Fuck This Place


davyh said...

Have a great time all - hope the rains stays away and it's mostly beach not caravan capers.

Simon said...

Happy hols,have a good un!

dickvandyke said...

You deserve much fun and easy times. It's a pretty special place to be within Britain, if not the world.

Second only to Luton, obviously.

Am off too tomoz - to the Turkish mountains overlooking a blue green bay.

See you on the other side - where we can compare insect bites and emty wallets.

מטבחים said...

Great post!
makes me wanna be there 2!!