Wednesday 27 July 2011

London Bridge/End Of An Era

Here is the first single from 2004 from the band Dogs much tipped by the Modfather himself but who alas never set the heather on fire.

The band have produced two very good albums which are certainly worth a listen. I have to admit that I prefer the debut which has more energy and is a steal at under two quid here. I first became aware of the band when they supported the Raveonettes at about the time of the first single. They are great live, very loud, full of energy and in Johnny Cook have a very charismatic frontman.

The band  are still going and have a mini album available for free download here. It's a pity that Dogs haven't came to the attention of more people in these days of pretty bland indie guitar bands. I think that this lot have a bit more to offer.

Dogs - London Bridge

Dogs - End Of An Era


sp73 said...

first lp was blinding such a shame they didn't make it bigger. I saw Weller support them which was pretty good.

drew said...

You're right Spaceman about the first lp. I have only seen them 3 times but they were excellent each time.