Monday 25 July 2011

Catch The Breeze

Shall we get the week off to a nice, gentle soft focus kind of start with a gorgeous tune which was the third and final single for Creation records from the much maligned Slowdive who got the brunt of the backlash against what was derogatorily termed "shoegaze".

Although by this time, 1991 I had mostly turned my back on indie music made by bands with real instruments in favour of indie music made by producers and machines I still bought this single and Just For A Day the album from which it was lifted. It probably wasn't until the early noughties that I really listened to it in full and realised the the joys I had been missing.

Slowdive - Catch The Breeze


davyh said...

Oh yes. And the Peel Session version too.

Colin said...

'Much maligned'.... by whom? I always thought they held onto their much deserved critical acclaim?

A superb live act. Miss them a lot.


drew said...

Colin, a lot of articles at the time slagged off that scene. Shoegazing itself was not meant as a term of endearment.

Spotty 6th formers with effects pedals and a woes me attitude was a familiar caricature.

We were obviously reading different magazines and I was certainly listening to and dancing to different music, 120 + bpms machine made noise not watching static musicians on stage at the time.

Colin said...

I think I must have deleted such articles and comments from my memory then... such was my love for it all. I certainly embraced the term in a much more positive spirit and just thought it quite funny, as well as factually accurate.

We were certainly on different musical roads back then, Drew! I still don't really get the appeal of beep-whirr-click-beep-beep music, personally.

My loss, I suspect.

drew said...

Your loss, not really. Each to their own. To my shame I remember being pretty contemptuous about all of those bands back then but to be honest Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are the only two I really rate, oh and Chapterhouse but then only when they were remixed by the Drum Club and Spooky.

Swiss Adam said...

And by coincidence I posted MBV this morning. There's room for both fx pedals and bleep whirr click music.