Thursday 14 July 2011

Latitiude, We're On Our Way

By the time you are reading this the car will have been packed, possibly a fair bit of niggling will have gone on and we will eventually be on our way down to deepest Suffolk, an eight hour drive at least, the joys!

We will be out of Lanark for,  at the most twenty minutes before Max first asks "Are We There Yet?" and probably another ten before he states "I'm burstin' you will need to stop so I can do a pee".

And so it will go for the duration. Still some good bands and artists await us over the weekend.

I am not the only person that has been derogatory about festivals in the past, here is Edwyn Collins with his take on festival going. I wonder if this will be on the set list for Friday?

Edwyn Collins - The Campaign For Real Rock

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