Tuesday 26 July 2011

Because Of You

I don't know about you but I feel rather depressed at the moment.

It appears that humanity isn't in that great shape at the moment what with that fuck wit in Norway, famine in East Africa, the crisis in the world economy about to raise it's ugly head again, I could go on but the black dog in the room is getting closer as I type.

What I need and you possibly is some up beat soul music. I'm not being flippant, I know that a bit of northern ain't going to set the world to rights but it sure as hell can't make it any worse. So here, in my view is the finest piece of northern soul ever produced by another artist taken well before his time. This track never fails to make me smile, want to shimmy around the floor and indulge in some out of time handclaps ( Colin - you twee indie types don't have the monopoly on them).

So even if it's just for the three minutes nineteen seconds of this tune be happy and revel in the majesty that is Jackie Wilson.

Jackie Wilson - Because Of You