Monday 4 July 2011


Holiday over,  no major incidents to report. Back to 370 emails of which about 4 will contain vital information which I will be unaware of as I will have picked the wrong ones to read.

I need someone to give me a good boot up the arse and get me motivated.

This mash-up is so wrong it's right.

Dave Remix - Foundations Of War(head)

Oh, and SA yes us Scottish people do burn v easily. Two weeks in France last year over 35 degree heat every day, nothing. One day in Cornwall on beach bottom of legs burnt bright red!


davyh said...

Wouldn't it be nice to think that if someone wanted you to know something vital, they'd tell you in person.


Jane said...

cut this paste it into google and look at the obstacle grid, consider this not so much a boot up the ass but a gentle nudge in the right direction, alternatively I do have a pair of steel toe capped boots :-)

Swiss Adam said...

Welcome back. Hope the burns have calmed down

drew said...

Sorry Jane tried it got no further forward a swift boot up the backside is deffo what's needed.