Sunday 10 July 2011

Count Down To Latitude

On the drive home from a gig at the tail end of last year Stiff and I were discussing festivals as he has attended Belladrum for the past few years. "you'd hate festivals Drew, short sets people talking all the way through the performances and lack of decent toilet facilities". To which I agreed wholeheartedly as it had been years since I had gone to T In The Park and even then I never camped.

So why in March did I decide that we were all going to Latitude this year? I'm not sure and I have been asking myself this question frequently over the past couple of months. I hate camping but from Thursday to Monday next week I will be living under canvas using communal washing facilities and toilets which most people who know me find rather amusing.

Anyway, Max and L are right up for it and I'm sure the little one who regularly turns our living room and top hall into a scene reminiscent of those pictures you see of the Glastonbury campsite on the Monday after the weekend will have a ball.

I thought that I would feature some of the bands that L, Max and I are looking forward to catching next weekend.

First up is Paulo Nutini who L has been looking forward to ever since we booked the tickets and more so after she saw him on the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury. I have to admit that I hadn't given the 24 year old from Paisley much attention until recently but what I have heard isn't too offensive and the track posted is actually rather good.

Paolo Nutini - Coming Up Easy


Anonymous said...

I can picture your good-self having more tantrums than young Max at such a youngsters event ;-)

drew said...

Anon - you could well be right.

Anonymous said...

I want a blow-by-blow account of this on twitter or on here.