Wednesday 13 July 2011

Latitude Is A Goer, Yipee

Max has been given the all clear and we are now definitely heading for Latitude tomorrow.

I am curious to see if the Queen of Rockabilly will be able to scream at the age of 73 as she did when she was 23 when Let's Have a Party was recorded.

Wanda Jackson - Let's Have A Party

Although she still sounds in good voice on this single from last year, however I not sure that Wanda will have a scooby what a Stella is.

Wanda Jackson - You Know I'm No Good


davyh said...

She was bloody awful on Jools Holland at Christmas.

Yay, by the way. Hope you have a great time (despite the camping).

drew said...

Have to admit that the camping is the bit I'm looking forward to least but still the boys will love it.

It really was touch and go with Max but am so relieved that he is ok that everything else is secondary, really.

Swiss Adam said...

Camping's good Drew, just go with it. Glad all well. Have a good time.

Swiss Adam said...

Long drive though innit.

drew said...

It's a feckin' long drive SA!