Sunday 19 June 2011

The King At The Control

A brand new release of "lost tracks" from the father of dub is something to look forward to. So when the cd " King Tubby's Classics The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs pt 2" dropped through the letter box yesterday it was immediately popped into the drawer of the cd player.

Most of the dubs on the compilation date from the early 80s when Ruddock was busy working on plans to refit his studio with modern technology and replace the four track mixing desk that he had used from 1972 onwards. It states that some of the dubs on the cd have probably been created by some of Tubbs' apprentices which included Scientist, Prince Jammy and Philip Smart and a plethora of others. But all of the tracks have the distinctive feel of the great producer and are worthy of having his name stamped on them.

The compilation if not essential will enhance anybody with an interest in dub's collection.

King Tubby - Kingston Dub


Anonymous said...

That does look like it is worth following up. Ta.

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, that's good.

drew said...

Cecilia, the whole album is great. And welcome.