Wednesday 22 June 2011

Covers Week Day 3

I never really got into Arab Strap, I know shock horror! I think at the time when they first came out there were too many other things vying for my attention. I don't think that I consciously didn't listen to them I think that they were just too far down on the list.

The first time that I can remember actually hearing anything by then wasn't actually by them at all but might just have well been. It was a remix of a David Holmes track retitled The Holiday Girl and as far from the original it is possible to get but still be able to retain the title.

Anyway, here is a belter of a rather relaxed remix of a song by pomp rockers Van Halen from the 2003 release the rather brilliant Shy Retirer ep which contains another cover which may make an appearance in another form later in the week.

Arab Strap - Why Can't This Be Love


Jim said...

Malcolm Middleton's version of Madonna's "Stay" is one of the most extraordinary interpretations I've ever heard. Of anything. Well worth adding as a supplementary.

drew said...

Jim - just listened to it on Spotify, you are right it is extraordinary, thanks