Friday 17 June 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

I'm going to stick with the Balearic thing with today's track, something that I can't believe that I had not ever heard before I came across the 12" single a couple of years ago in a second hand record shop.

Eclipse by Lemon Interupt is one of those tracks which will transport you to where it is always warm during the day, rain is something you get somewhere else and where the sunsets are a thing of sheer beauty each and every night. It is also a track with rather breathless seductively spoken female vocals a la Fallen or Come Alive which personally I'm a sucker for.

The track was released as a double a - side with Big Mouth on the other side in 1992 and this is why it's so puzzling that I hadn't heard it until recently as I bought nearly everything on Junior Boys Own at that time. The only thing that I can think is that I was skint at the time and didn't really like Big Mouth that much, which really was my loss.

After buying it and being totally blown away by it I started thinking "how many other great tracks have I missed out on" but checked myself quite quickly as thinking that way would lead pretty quickly to madness.

And on that note . . .

Have a good weekend people

Lemon Interupt - Eclipse


Simon said...

Weren't they Underworld? Or am I getting confused? Underworld seemed to operate under all sorts of names at one point.

I have this somewhere at home, on a mix cd/tape from somewhere, but I don't know if I remember it too well. I really want to hear it now, but stuck at work it will have to wait.

davyh said...

An Ibizan sunset with a very large G&T at Cafe Mambo or Del Mar would be very nice tonight.

drew said...

Si, you are correct.

It would indeed Davy, as oppossed to a large g&t chez moi with the rain lashing against the windows while catching up with today's ramblings in blogland

davyh said...