Wednesday 8 June 2011

Banish The Mid Week Blues Big Style

Guaranteed to beat the mid week blues.

I defy anybody to stay still while listening to this.

Shake was one of 10 absolutely incredible vocal performances on the 1965 Atlantic album Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul. If you don't own this album then there is a huge whole in your existence and I suggest you go here tout suite and rectify the situation.

Otis Redding - Shake


Mondo said...

Love it and of course Duck Dunn's bass is devastating..

George said...

Hve you heard Otis Redding's set at the Monterey festival? It is absolutely tremendous.

drew said...

The musicianship is wonderful Mond.

George, got it on vinyl with Hendrix on the other side, it is quite a treasured piece of vinyl

George said...

Drew, I have the very same album. Well, not yours obviously!

Scott said...

The legend that is Otis. As you rightly mention if you do not own Otis Blue there is a gaping hole in your collection that needs filled. One of the essential albums.

adam said...

When I was about 14 my uncle, who was a club DJ, had a clear out and, pointing me at a pile of rejects, said I could help myself from them. I sneaked this, 'What's Going On' and 'That's The Way Love Is' and Smokey's 'One Dozen Roses' into the reject pile and sandwiched them between bits of tat and it worked!