Saturday 25 June 2011

Covers Week, Day 6

The band featured today's version of another cover version  was responsible for the worst fashion crime I have ever perpetrated.  As a result of Age Of Chance's performance of Kiss on the Whistle Test in 1987 I decided that it would be cool to wander about the streets of Lanark and Aberdeen wearing a cycling top but with no bike or bicycle clips in sight.

I remember discussing the performance with Stiff at the time,  both of us thought that their cover version of the Purple One's best song was brilliant but it was the fashion which we thought was really cool and I rushed out and spent a fortune on what I thought was a cool as fuck cycling top, the actual one in the picture above. Stiff would be able to tell you whose top tit was that I shelled out for was a copy of but me I didn't have a clue.

The very top turned up a few years ago when Stiff found it during a clear out, I had given him it when I no longer thought it fashionable (which unfortunately for me was a year or maybe more after buying it and not the next day) and to make matters worse the shirt still fit the bastard whereas it would have had to be at least double the size the have fitted me and even then would have looked absolutely awful.

So, here is another song that the Age of Chance covered brilliantly/ ruined depending on your point of view on their 1986 mini album, Crush Collision.

Age Of Chance - Disco Inferno

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