Monday 27 June 2011

Covers Week, Day 8?

I know on the last post I said that that was the covers finished but I played this last Thurday night and thought that it should be included.

I've not really kept up with REM since the early nineties, the last album I bought was Out Of Time and the only reason that I bought that was I had just won 140 quid on the Grand National after putting money on Seagram and I was in a record shop with money burning a whole in my pocket, but I digress.

At school I had a mate who really liked REM and had bought everything from their debut murmur onwards but it wasn't until Life's Rich Pageant that I really took any notice. I remember when Ben played me that album I took notice of it and went out and bought it myself, don't know what it was about it but I really liked it and still do.

Superman, the last track on the album and not even listed on the credits is my favourite REM song and a song I never tire of hearing. It was originally recorded by a band called the Clique in 1969 and was the b-side of their single Sugar On Sunday. I have no idea what the original sounds like and have never really been curious to find out either.  As well as being on Life's Rich Pagaent, Superman was also released as a single on I.R.S. in 1986.

REM - Superman


e.f. bartlam said...

I used to have a 12" of this when I was a kid...awesome song.

Like you I dropped 'em around Out of Time. I don't if I just lost interest or if it was because kids my own age started making records.

There was a time...late 80's where they could do no wrong. They were Southern Super Heroes as far as I was concerned...given the fact that I was living up North at the time...I gobbled up everything I could possibly get my hands on by them.

The only one I can listen to now is Fables.

Thanks for this one..and the others.

davyh said...

Like everything else it seems, the original's on <a href=">YouTube</a>.

Have you had a pasty yet?

davyh said...

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