Friday 24 June 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance To A Cover Version

I'm sure that I have loads of dance cover versions but my mind has gone blank as I is now in holiday mode. So you will have to make do with a track that was first posted in August 2009.

Secret Life's uplifting cover of Stevie Wonder's As Always was the 9th record to be released on the Cowboy label in 1992 and was a bit different from the progressive house tracks which the label had released up until then as these were the days of leather trousers, biker boots and long hair. The instantly recognisable production on the track was done by messers Farley and Heller for Boy's Own.

Have a good weekend people.

Secret Life - As Always (Gospel mix)

As you are reading this I will either be listening to the dulcet tones of SpongeBob emanating from the rear of the car or being bombarded with the question "Are we there yet" for the hundredth time from Maxyboy, as we will be making the long trek south to Bude in Cornwall for round one of the summer holidays, thought it best to stay well clear of la Belle France for a year or so after last year's escapades and near physical and mental meltdown.

So next weeks posts will be few and far between, I have done a couple more covers posts to finish off the week and have a belter of a tune for next Friday and am hoping to finish a post for Monday and Wednesday before I go.


Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday.

davyh said...

Such advance planning! I can only stare in wonder. Drive carefully, wave to Devon for me as you pass, and have a fantastic time all of you x

Mondo said...

If I only I could get that pesky 'scheduled post' biz to work proper! Have a good one Drew - loved yesterday's Bowie refit..

Swiss Adam said...

Enjoy the southwest Drew and co.

dickvandyke said...

Hope your windscreen wipers work cocker.

Less stress in Bude than Brittany. Take care matey et crew. And give Bono a splendid gesture as you skirt Glasto.

Have a pastie and a coffee. (It'll be just like commuting to Luton).

dickvandyke said...

And is the girl in the photo gormless, or has she contracted Lockjaw?

I got a similar sustained spasm once whilst performing cunnilingus on a 20 stone hermaphrodite from Kettering.