Sunday 3 April 2011

Soothing Sounds For A Sunday

There are certain cds that I ask myself, why did I buy this on cd rather than vinyl, today's track comes from a case in point.

The White Room was released in 1991 and most of the other stuff from that year I bought on vinyl. I was living in Woodlands Road in Glasgow at the time, not far from Byres Road and my favourite shop in the world then, Fopp so I have no idea why I opted to buy it on an inferior format.

About ten years ago my copy of the White Room finally gave up the ghost and refused to play on any player, so the hunt began to replace it, the problem being that the cd was by then out of print and second hand copies were costing a fortune. Eventually I had to bite the bullet and buy an American import which is slightly different from the UK copy in that some of the samples have been omitted as the US label was obviously scared of being sued by Bonzo and the audience for sampling the crowd noise from Rattle & Hum.

All the above is a preamble to the apology that the version of No More Tears posted is the shortened 6 minute version available on the US release oppossed to the nine and a half minute version found on the UK release.

KLF - No More Tears

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