Friday 15 April 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

As you may have realised by now as I have mentioned it a few times that what got me back into dance music during the latter part of the last decade was dubstep. From the first time I heard Burial and the sounds being released on the Skull Disco label I was hooked.

The music has evolved over the past few years with some really original  material being produced by the likes of Skream, Joy Orbison, Benga and a host of others.

One of the most consistent producers on the housier side of this genre of dance music over the past year is Pearson Sound, aka Ramadanman, alias Maurice Donovan or to his family and friends David Kennedy.  He hasn't just released some of the best tunes that I've heard recently but also the best mix cd of the past ten years in his Fabriclive 56 compilation.

Here is side two of his recent release on the Night Slugs label under his Pearson Sound guise. The track is a refix of Deep Inside by Hardrive originally released on Strictly Rhythm in 1993 with vocals from Barbara Tucker.

Pearson Sound - Untitled ( Deep Inside refix)


davyh said...

That man has fair put me off my tea. Bon weekend Andrew.

drew said...

He's not the bonniest is he?

I intend to Davy