Friday 15 April 2011

Record Store Day 2011

Tomorrow is Record Store Day 2011 and I'm looking forward to going into Glasgow with Max and trying to get my hands on the records that are on my wants list. If it's anything like last year it will be a really good day. There was a definite buzz going on at Mono. I am not the most patient person in the world and hate queueing, I think that I may have some German blood in my veins but even I didn't mind the wait, although I was a bit anxious about not getting a copy of the Fall single but I needn't have worried.

Anyway to get in the mood this afternoon I decided to make up a couple of compilation cds up for the car and decided to go back to basics and complete the task without the aid of the laptop or itunes, no dragging and dropping today, all of the tracks would be from vinyl or cd and would be recorded in real time.

It's ages since I made a compilation this way, it's ages since I made myself a compilation full stop, these days I either just pick a play list on the mp3 player or rely on the machine's impeccable taste on random.

I had a basic outline. I wanted to do a recent dance cd and also an indie/northern whatever one where I would just open one of the singles boxes pick out the first random single that my hand got to and see where it went from there.  The dance one was quite easy as I knew the tracks that I wanted and kind of knew the order in which I thought it should go but was kind of hampered by not being able to use two decks for a couple of reasons, firstly that my old mixer is knackered and the other decks are packed away behind a pile of other stuff in the cupboard half way up the stairs. It would have been better to have the tracks mix into each other and then it could officially be called a mixtape but after playing it back it sort of flows alright and the gaps between tunes are kept to a minimum.

The second cd has not been so easy. Due to the time taken to record the first and listen back through it I haven't even started it yet!

I have randomly selected the first single, posted below and I will let you know how the compilation turns out.

Please go and support your local independent record store tomorrow as we would all be in a sorry state without them, check the website here for participating stores.

Have a good weekend people.

Random single out of the box is  . .

The Clash - Bank Robber


sp73 said...

Hope you got everything you wanted Drew, I'm just pissed off I have to work and have very little chance of getting anything.

Artog said...

I've just got back from Banquet Records in Kingston - empty handed. After queuing for three hours. It wasn't that all six of the records I was after had sold out, they'd never even come in in the first place. It must be the most stupid way of buying/selling music possible. Never again.

sp73 said...

My mate has just called me to say he was outside Sister Ray for 4 hours, everything he was after sold out.

Swiss Adam said...

Get anything good?

Anonymous said...

Queues round the block at Rough Trade... I took one look and sacked it off!


drew said...

Artog - what a pisser!

Spaceman 73/Andrew - not a day for working and I bet you that a lot of the stuff from Sister Ray and Rough Trade are now on ebay. I checked at lunch time and some cunts already had stuff advertised.

SA - got a few things but the VU single is the one for me.

Anonymous said...

Went to Probe (liverpool) and managed to get the Villagers live LP but other stuff had long gone. Had to limit the people in shop when it opened!