Tuesday 12 April 2011

Does This Mean I'm Moving On?

I think that my love affair with the Raveonettes is over.

I think that my enthusiasm for the band started to wain after the last album was released, it was a good enough lp with a couple of really strong tracks but it also had the truly awful Boys Who Rape (should all be destroyed). So when they toured a couple of months later it was more out of duty than expectation that I bought my tickets and I duly went along expecting to be underwhelmed. But once again the pulled off an absolutely blinding performance with the tracks from In And Out Of Control that were played being every bit as good as the best of the tracks from the previous four albums and the debut ep and both myself and Stiff came home happy with a set of Raveonettes mugs in hand.

I have the feeling that if and when they tour this album in Scotland it will be a different story. I think that the older stuff will be made to fit around the new album and the, although not that dramatic a shift in sound, it is a noticeable one and sees them going in a more shoegazey direction. There was always a gothic element to the racket they made but the early rock and roll and Velvets influence always came to the fore and that is probably why I loved them so much  but the sound and feeling to this album is much more moody and a whole lot less fun.

Don't get me wrong it is by no means a bad album, it's just not a Raveonettes one. With the exception of the first and second last tracks the rest of the album washed over me, it wasn't a struggle to listen to but then again it was no great pleasure.

So I think on reflection and repeated listens that the time has come to move on. Sune and Sharin it's not you it's me but then again we will always have King Tut's.

The Raveonettes - My Time's Up.

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