Monday 11 April 2011

Does This Sound Dated To You?

I was looking for something a bit different to listen to the other day and decided to listen to Metamatic by John Fox. I haven't listened to the album as a whole for quite a few years, I have put on things like Underpass and No One Driving but only as individual songs.

What really struck me was that the music hasn't really dated all that much. Foxx's vocal style on the album I think is the main reason that you could date it to the beginning of the 80's but unlike, Foxx's contemporary, Gary Numan whose album Telecon released the same year as Metamatic is definitely of it's time and has not dated well at all. Whereas the track posted, Mr No I think could have been produced anytime in the last thirty years and if I didn't know better and somebody told me that it was recorded a couple of years ago I would probably have believed them. The track was originally a b-side on the No-One Driving single but was included in the 2007 re- release of the album.

John Foxx - Mr No

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