Saturday 16 April 2011

Record Store Day pt2

Well, that was quite an enjoyable morning.

Max was none to pleased when I got him up at the back of seven this morning for our trip into Glasgow but once he was up he was his usual self, a sullen teenager six years too early, on the way in I had to promise that if there was anything by AC/DC I would have to buy him it.

We got to Glasgow and parked in the Kings Street car park across from MONO at 08:15 and could see that quite an orderly queue had already formed and there were about thirty people in front of us when we joined. Then the mental calculations started if there were 500 copies of such and such and there were 150 stores taking part then how many copies of the Cults single did MONO get and how many of the people in front of me look like they are here to buy that single? I have to admit that Max did his best to distract me from such thoughts by asking "how long now?" every couple of minutes and to inform me that "Gran (my mother) thinks that you need to grow up and stop going to all these concerts and buying records" I would like to say that on hearing this I was shocked but on the contrary as he said it I could hear my mother saying it.

At 9:00 am on the dot the doors opened and the agonising ten minutes of watching people coming out smiling and trying to peer through their bags and find out what they had bought, before it was my turn at the counter,  began. My wants list was actually quite restrained this year with only two must gets on my list the afore mentioned Cults single and the ARP Pastoral Symphony remix 12".  That was until I saw the list on the wall in Monorail, there near the end was a single that caught my eye, The Velvet Underground Foggy Notion/I Can't Stand It, where did this come from? It was not on any of the lists I had seen. In the second or two that it took me to absorb this information my priorities had changed and this was the essential purchase of the day as these are two of my favourite VU tracks and last night I had included I Can't Stand It on my compilation cd.

After what seemed an eternity but in fact would have been less than ten minutes from the doors opening I got to the counter.

In as nonchalant a voice as I could muster I said " Have you got any copies of the Velvet Underground single left?"

" Yes" was the reply.

I nearly screamed like I would have if Andy Smith had scored the winning goal in the 1995 Scottish Cup Final but instead retorted "I'll have that then and also the Cults seven inch?"

I then went on to get a few other things, The Warpaint and Red Crayola sevens, The Hangover Lounge 10" which was a rash heat of the moment tihng which I am regretting now as it is a bit, well twee for me, the ARP 12" and of course Shoot To Thrill by AC/DC because as Max rightly pointed out " a deal's a deal, dad".

I have to say that I think that some of the stuff was a bit over priced,  eighteen quid for a 10" of The Queen Is Dead, the same for The Vaccines bootleg but maybe that's just me.

So then it was over the road to RubaDub to purchase a new stylus and the buy of the day as it turned out,  not a Record Store Day exclusive but the latest installment of Jeff Mills Something In The Sky series, pt 7 an absolute belter of a record.

All in all not a bad day out but I am well and truly skint now.

The Velvet Underground - I Can't Stand It 


Artog said...

Further to my comment on the post below, I've just been on ebay and it made me feel rather angry, especially the cunt hoping to get £70 for the Dr Who 7".

drew said...

These are the gits that fuck it up for everybody. It was the same last year. People really need to resist the temptation to buy from them.

Last year I used an old ebay account and put huge bids in for some of the items and a lot of others which were make me an offer, I out in bids of 1p. It really pissed off one guy who was trying to offload half of the stuff for sale.

davyh said...

Good for you all round Drewster.

Me, I got up at 10:15am, a bit crumpled, pootled about a bit, finally had a shave and shower at 11:15am; thought I'd maybe go up to Rough Trade West - but had to stay in with the girlies whilst Mrs H went up the allotment. No worries - resolved to go later - maybe to East!...Read the Tweets about how long the queue was, went to the supermarket instead for us tea stuff, came back, played records, poured beer.

[In my defence, I do go to record shops a lot - on quiet days].

drew said...

Sounds like you had a good day Davy, a lot less expensive than mine.

It's sad but true that most of the people in the queue if not all at Mono looked the sorts who visit record shops on a weekly basis at least.

I am dead chuffed with my VU and Cults single but the best buy of the day was deffo the Jeff Mills 12" which I would have got this week anyway.

Jim said...

I got the Cults single too, and the Radiohead 12" - and sprung for the Screamadelica reissue. Here in Belfast Head was selling The Queen is Dead for £23!

drew said...

Jim - the Radiohead was well sold out by the time I got to the counter, wasn't something I really wanted. Have you listened to the remastered Screamadelica? The sound is certainly a lot clearer.

£23 quid for TQID is taking the piss somewhat!

sp73 said...

was the TQID remastered? or just the 10" that WEA put out in 93?
I picked up that Jeff Mills 12" today, it is quality.
@Artog £70 is taking the piss mate, that was probably the only thing I really wanted.