Monday 11 October 2010

Some Candy Talking, too

Just back from the Wigwams and had a great couple of days, no rain but plenty of wind. The Mull Of Kintyre is quite a beautiful part of the country, well worth a visit. I now know what the writer of that song with The Frog Chorus was banging on about all those years ago.

Anyway, after scouring the blogs to see what I've been missing. I noticed that Swiss Adam had posted a rather lovely version of Some Candy Talking by Richard Hawley.

I also have a cover of Some Candy Talking, however mine's features feedback from an accordian of all things. It is by The Caulfied Sisters,  from Brooklyn and was released as a split 7" single on smart blue vinyl on American Laundromat Records with Julie Peel on the other side covering Divine Hammer by the Breeders. The song was recorded for a session for the John In The Morning show on KEXP.

The Caulfied Sisters - Some Candy Talking


Swiss Adam said...

Very good that. Like it.

jim said...

divine hammer was by the breeders...

but great blog nonetheless

drew said...

You are correct Jim, I have rectified my mistake. Thanks