Thursday, 18 April 2019

Dulli Covers 3

Dulli is quite eclectic in the music that he chooses to cover, anything from Henry Mancini, through songs from The Wizard of Oz to Bjork. The re-interpretation of a still fresh, only two year old, modern R&B,  Billboard topping track by the biggest selling American Girl Band  must have raised a few eyebrows at the time. Creep, originally by TLC was one of 4 tracks, two originals and two covers on the Honkey's Ladder ep in February 1996 but unlike the TLC original it failed to bother the Billboard Charts but I think is quite brilliant.

The Afghan Whigs - Creep

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

No Sleep 'til Hammersmith

When talking about live albums this has to be right up there with the best of them, although it does not fully recreate the experience of seeing Motorhead at this time unless you have a huge soundsystem, bung it up to 10 and stick your head in the speakers, then you might come close. My first experience was pretty scary as I thought that the balcony in the Apollo was going to fall down and what I thought was dandruff from all the headbanging was actually plaster from the ceiling. What a magic night it was and I will be forever grateful to my late cousin Stuart for taking me.

No Sleep 'til Hammersmith was released in June 1981 and was the first Motorhead album to reach number 1 in the charts in the UK. This was an album that I waited for impatiently after experiencing the live Motorhead experience and I was not disappointed. This album for me captures the classic line-up at their peak. The album that followed, Iron Fist was a bit of a disappointment.

Motorhead -  Ace of Spades

Monday, 15 April 2019

Monday's Long Song

The only word for this is wonderful. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the this limited Vinyl Factory release and at the time there was quite a backlash that this was released in such a limited number but these days 1000 copies is actually not that limited a run compared to some of the releases that SA and me were discussing on Thursday night over a few pints. I do love everything about this record from the 3D designed cover to the reassuringly heavy vinyl. There are a few comments on Discogs regarding the quality of the pressing but as far as my ears are concerned it sounds perfectly fine exactly what you would expect Massive Attack mixed by Burial to sound like.

There were rumours that Burial had remixed the whole of the Heligoland album  which was to get a full release which had me salivating at the time but alas it has never surfaced.

Massive Attack vs Burial - Paradise Circus

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Dulli Covers 2

The Ass Ponys were an indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio and as such were also friends with Greg Dulli's band from the same city, so much so that John Curley the bassist of the Afghan Whigs produced the band's debut album, Mr Superlove. In 1993 the bands decided to release a split single where they covered a track each. Dulli decided to cover the title track from that debut album by the Ass Ponys and as a result recorded the definitive version of the song, it's the banjo and the vocals that do it. I'm not sure if anybody else agrees with me but if you were an Ass Pony I think you may have been pissed off by the Whigs rendition but not as much as the story, if true, regarding Greg Dulli and one of the band member's girlfriends whom I'm sure I read Dulli had a thing with leading to disintegration of the friendship of the bands,

The split single was released in a limited run of 3000 on Moon Cat 7 Records but then the Afghan Whigs version was released on the flip of the Gentleman single, then the What Jail Is Like ep  and also included on the 25th anniversary version of the Gentleman album

The Afghan Whigs - Mr Super Love

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The Matrix Tapes Again

It was one of those kind of weekends when I just wanted to play the Velvets and not any old Velvets, I was in the mood to listen to the whole of the Matrix Tapes from start to finish, A question posed on Twitter got me reaching for this,  the second most essential box set. It is a question that floats about Twitter all the time "if you had to pick any band artist to see live who would it be?" and always without hesitation I would pick the Velvets and the post Cale line-up and I can even be more specific than that. If I were ever to get in tow with the Dr then this would be my one stipulation, I'll help you save the Earth from the Daleks mam,  but you will have to take me back to San Francisco on 26th November 1969 and let me hang about 3138 Fillmore Street for a couple of days.

I know that a lot of folk don't like live albums, I do I love them, I love to hear the tweeks from the studio versions or even better something that barely resembles the version that took usually a few takes to get on tape.

After posting that I was listening to the Matrix Tapes, I received a reply from @Kevd99 that he thought that there were 5 good live albums which got me thinking and the rest of the weekend was spent playing only live recordings and I can confirm that in my little world there are considerably more than 5 great live albums which also threw up another idea for a little series, if I can get my lazy arse sorted out.

Until then here are two versions of Over You which don't appear anywhere else other than on the Quine Bootleg and one version on Live 1969.

The Velvet Underground - Over You (version 1)

The Velvet Underground - Over You (version 2)

Monday, 8 April 2019

Monday's Long Song

Today's drawn-out piece of music comes from one of the three things I've bought on tape in the last twenty, possibly closer to thirty years. It was purchased on that less than optimum medium out of necessity as somebody either from having a fetish for the format or I suspect probably more likely from their judgement being impaired though heavy weed use decided that that was the best way to release, Cosmic Winds,  the third long player by Thousand Foot Whale Claw, the previous release was similarly formatted.

I first got into the Austin Texas experimental drone merchants when I took a punt on their first album Dope Moons Vol.1 which was released on the far more sensible vinyl format, I believe that there was also a cassette version which came later but we will not dwell on that. They produce music to get lost in, ambient, stoner tunes that remind me of the stuff that Pete Namlook was doing with his Air project back in the early 90s.

A fourth album was released at the tail end of last year but I'm ashamed to admit that I have only played it a couple of time but from what I can remember it is in a similar vein and also very good.

1000 Foot Whale Claw - Cosmic Winds

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Dulli Covers

One of the things that I discovered early when I delved into Greg Dulli's back catalogue (I came late to his work, courtesy of John Richards on KEXP in the very early 2000s) and which continued to come to the fore in the ensuing years was that he had very good taste in the songs that he covered. Whether it was as an Afghan Whig, Twilight Singer, Gutter Twin or on his own he has a way with other people's songs and can put a new slant on something that I already knew or made me appreciate something that I would not have given the time of day in any other circumstances. There is only one rendition that I have thought "Nah Greg, that was not a very good idea, you would have been better leaving that alone". Which is a pretty brilliant hit rate considering the number of other people's songs he has recorded.

I was compiling a playlist of these tracks the other week and thought that I may as well feature some of these on the blog.

I thought that I would start with a track from the only "perfect" album that I know of, London Calling. Side b track 3 Lost In The Supermarket, like every other track on Rolling Stone's "best album of the 80s" is a highlight, one of those tracks which should be left alone niot touched as they can't be bettered. And no, Afghan Whigs don't better it but do produce a great cover version none the less. It was included on a Clash tribute album, Burning London, released in 1999 containing the likes of No Doubt, Ice Cube and Rancid. For me the rest of the CD is without merit, you really do not want to hear Moby's take on Straight To Hell.

Afghan Whigs - Lost In The Supermarket 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019


I have eventually found a copy of the deluxe version of Sunday At Devil Dirt by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. I have been on the lookout for a copy of this at a decent price as the extra disc comprises of tracks recorded at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in January 2007 and especially a version of the Nancy and Lee classic, Sand. I had been bowled over two nights prior to the London show by the performance of this, possibly my favourite track by that most incongruous of pairings, Nancy and Lee that is, although Isobel and Mark would be a close second but both proved to be almost magical pairings but I digress. Therefore I was really looking forward to hearing this again but was slightly disappointed as it sounded a bit flat, not bad but just not nearly as good as I remembered, I'm not sure if I am misremembering or they just didn't get it quite right two night later when it was recorded.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Sand 

Monday, 1 April 2019

Monday's Long Song

On the 10th/11th/12th of October 1968 the Jimi Hendrix Experience played 6 shows at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco in 1987 a selection of the tracks from these performances was released on a double album and from these you could tell that the Experience were at the peak of their powers at the time of this mini residency, with absolutely brilliant versions of Purple Haze, Killing Floor, Fire amongst others, however the full power of the performances didn't come to light until 2011 when a 4 cd, 8 album version of these nights was released which absolutely blew me away not least the two epic versions of my favourite Hendrix cover, Like A Rolling Stone. I never thought that Hendrix could surpass the version recorded at Monterey Pop in 1967, and in a way he didn't as the versions from Winterland are a lot bluesier less angsty than the earlier version, they are also a lot longer.

I was introduced to Hendrix at the age of eleven by an older guy called Jim Loughrey and was instantly hooked by what I heard and nearly forty years later I am still in awe of the noise that Hendrix managed to get out of a Fender Stratocaster (mostly). Not being musical at all I find it impossible to understand how, no matter how so many people have tried over the years, I have never heard anyone who can make a guitar sing like Hendrix can.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Like A Rolling Stone (11/10/1968 second show)

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Ha Fucking Ha!

Sometimes I nearly forget just how good Meursault were. Criminal I know but then I'll play something and I will just get lost again in the work of Neil Pernnycook. Settling can be found on the third album, Something For The Weakend which was released in 2012. Below also is the Cairn String Quartet's take on the tune, our Raith Rovers supporting friend, JC was at the recording of this.

I am in Luton tomorrow and Thursday, deepest joy as ever. So nothing else 'til Friday. But spare a thought for me tomorrow evening when I will be on a "team building" activity before dinner after a 04:30 rise. Ha fucking ha, indeed.

Meursault - Settling

Monday, 25 March 2019

Monday's Long Song

Eat Lights Become Lights is a bit of a wanky name and I suppose some would call the music that the London 4 piece make "wanky" too, with the obvious influence of 70s experimental German rock and electronica in their sound. I am quite fond of a bit of "pretentious wank" now and again and find ELBL a very pleasant listen, No more so than on this, the title track from the band's 4th album released in 2014. To be honest I was intending to post the Fuxa remix of this track but it appears that I haven't ripped that particular piece of vinyl yet,  I thought I had. So the original will have to do but it is still quite a lovely thing to hear on a Monday morning.

Eat Lights Become Lights - Into Forever

Friday, 22 March 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I don't know anything about this absolutely lovely mellow piece of tech house other than it's German and was released as part of a ridiculously rare and therefore expensive 12" single , the cheapest copy on Discogs is 130 quid, it's good but really no where near that good.

Airdrie managed to halt the slide down the table into the relegation zone last week, granted it was only by the game at Dumbarton being called off but still it wasn't another defeat and hopefully the week has given the players and coaching staff to come up with a game plan on how to start winning matches and getting clear of the bottom three. Tomorrow they take on Forfar who are up the other end of the table in third so the hopes are not high but jesus they need to do something.

Have a good weekend people.

Thursday, 21 March 2019


I was listening to Rockferry, the debut album from the Welsh singer who is best known for pseudo northern soul song Mercy and I was pleasantly surprised, To these ears this attempt at blue eyed soul hasn't dated particularly and has some cracking songs with really effective instrumentation not least the strings on today's track Scared, I don't think that Duffy was taken very seriously at the time and unfairly compared to the incomparable Amy Winehouse whose classic Back To Black had been released a couple of years prior to Rockferry.

I really enjoyed reacquainting myself with this album and won't leave it as long before I play it again. Just a pity that Duffy's career seemd to fizzle out after just a couple of years and two albums. Although I can understand that there might not be longevity in the retro sound that she had.

Duffy - Scared

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Make Me Sad

This is a little bit of a curio this track, the AA side of a split 7" inch single, a cover of a Vic Goddard song recorded at Stow College in Glasgow (the same place where Belle and Sebastian's debut was recorded) by a local band released on a Hamburg record label, Aufgeladen und Bereit, named after a Fire Engines album. And that's about all I know. As far as I can ascertain the band never released anything else leaving only this lovely bit of sweetly harmonious, female sung indie pop.

I suspect that this one may appeal to a certain friend in Seattle.

not a bad record to start a Wednesday.

Kingfishers - Make Me Sad

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Interstate 5

I am down in Leeds for the second time in less than a week and it looks like it is going to be a regular occurrence for the foreseeable. I won't be taking Interstate5, rather it will be M74/M6/A66/M1.

The Wedding Present - Interstate 5 

Monday, 18 March 2019

Monday's Long Song

A bit of Jazzy, Housey, Italian blue-eyed soul to bright up your Monday morning. I love this track, especially the trumpet which reminds me of Have You Ever Heard It Blue by the Style Council.  I have no idea what the rest of Mario's output is like as I haven't bought anything other than this 12" single ( not sure how I have 2 copies of this though!) which also includes a rather good Opolopo remix.

Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet - This Is What You Are

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hal Blaine

Very sad news that the drummer responsible for the most distinctive and possibly copied drum intro of all time on my favourite single of all time has died. He also was the drummer on many of the best records of the 1960s.

A few years ago I had a playlist called Boom Boom Cha!, which really should have been Bum- ba-bum-BOOM and was filled with tracks that included the drum break mentioned above. I think before the playlist was wiped out after one of my iTunes crashed I had 25 tracks that had "borrowed" that famous intro and that list was by no way definitive.

I have often wondered if Hal Blaine was as proud of that intro as he should have been, he has stated that it was a mistake and he had accidently missed a beat but was told to just keep doing that by Phil Spector. Or did it niggle at him all of these other drummers ripping him off. I don't think that it would have bothered him too much as when you have played on over 6000 tracks, 40 number 1 hits, 150 top ten songs and possibly the only drummer to have played with Sinatra, Elvis and John Lennon you can take it in your stride when you hear others imitate you.

Here are just some of the songs that you will know but may not have been aware of who the drummer was :- He's A Rebel, Rhythm of the Rain, It's Over, Surf City, I Get Around, Mr Tambourine Man, Strangers In The Night and Cecelia.

Rest easy Hal.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby

Barry Maguire - On The Eve of Destruction

Self Esteem

Now that I have actually got a copy of this album that I can actually play, the pictures above are of the first copy I was sent, I can confirm that Rebecca Taylor is one very talented individual. This album is full of hip hop beats, pop hooks and pretty to the point lyrics and about as far removed from Trophy Room as it is possible to get. I hope that this album reaches a bigger audience than Slow Club did, Still have no idea what the fuck Laura Snapes in the Guardian was on about with her " . . . a million miles away from her old band's steady decent into Radio 2 pleasantries" line in her review of Compliments Please, Taylor's first solo outing as Self Esteem.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Monday's Long Song

I never really got into Beck, I liked a few things and of course bought Odelay, I'm sure it was compulsory back in 1996,  but I purchased the 12" of  Where It's At solely for the U.N.K.L.E. mix,  back in the mid 90s I was obsessed with all things Mo Wax so much so that I had every release from MX014, my introduction to MW069, after which I began to get a bit more selective and only bought the UNKLE releases on the label. Unfortunately I only have 12 left, all the others going in the great iPod funding sell off that still causes me cry every now and then but I digress and if I think about this any more I will only get really depressed.

The original of Where It's At is pretty good to be fair and was produced by the Dust Brothers but the U.N.K.L.E mix turns a three and a half minute slacker tune and turns it into a dark epic with some great beats and even better scratching. Talking about scratches, I can only apologise for the crackles on this, it was played a lot and possibly not treated as well as it should have been due to my lack of co-ordination when I had the urge to play this.

Beck - Where It's At (U.N.K.L.E remix)

Friday, 8 March 2019

It's Friday . . .Let's Dance

The East Village Loft Society were Ashley Beedle and Uschi Classen and they released a couple of singles, the first one I Wanna Sing Sunshine is my favourite. It is a typical piece of early nineties  House and none the worse for that. The 12" single contained 5 different mixes, the one that hits the spot for me is Boomshanka Message mix with its use of Maya Angelou reading her poem On The Pulse Of The Morning from President Clinton's inauguration.

Last week's much awaited home win for Airdrie was much welcomed.  An incredibly poor first half by both teams followed by  a nail-biting second period waiting for what we all believed to be the inevitable equaliser to cancel out Daryl Duffy's 47 minute opener but which thankfully for once failed to happen.  The team have played much better and fared worse this season but a win's a win and is something to build on, well it would have been if this week's game wasn't away to Kirkaldy to take on Raith Rovers who the Diamonds have yet to beat this season. Raith's form has not been great recently with only one win in the last 6 matches and they will be looking for a boost to try and get back to second spot in the table. Let's hope Airdrie can pull an away win out of the bag tomorrow.

Have a good weekend people.

The East Village Loft Society - I Wanna Sing Sunshine (The Message mix)

Thursday, 7 March 2019

You Don't Know

Ellie Greenwich is responsible for some of the greatest moments in pop music, there can be no dispute about this it is just a fact. Whether that be with her one time husband Jeff Barry and Phil Spector or later, on her own. She was also responsible for a single that inexplicably bombed in 1965.

Greenwich very rarely recorded here own material but in 1965 she released a single containing two absolutely sublime songs, the up tempo Baby which was later claimed by the northern soul scene and has therefore been bootlegged and is possible to get a hold of on vinyl. The other side, the heart wrenching You Don't Know on the other hand is only available these days on a couple of compilation albums as the original Red Bird single is impossible to find. Shadow Morton's production is nothing short of perfect on this song.

Ellie Greenwich - You Don't Know

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

My Love Grows Deeper

Clydie King, is probably best known, if at all, as a session singer for the likes of Joe Cocker,  The Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan. I first heard of her when I bought the excellent "What's Happening Stateside" compilation way back in 1987 where her duet with Jimmy Holliday, "Ready, Willing and Able" was included.

During the 60s she released a string of singles across the Speciality, Philips and Imperial labels. Possibly my favourite track, like many from this era is not the song that the label thought would be the more popular,  My Love Grows Deeper was the flip side of the 1965 release Missin' My Baby on Imperial, The vocals on the track sound as if they were recorded half way down a mine shaft which for me enhances the track which just oozes sensuality.

Clydie King - My Love Grows Deeper

Monday, 4 March 2019

Monday's Long Song

A couple of weeks ago I posted Cantaloop by US3 from their debut album, Hands On The Torch that liberally plundered the Blue Note back catalogue for samples. One of the other stand out tracks on the album, Riddim sampled the brilliant jazz guitarist Grant Green's interpretation of Don Convey's Sookie Sookie.  This version is from the 1970 released Alive album which is well worth picking up, it is also available on a rather good Blue Breakbeats compilation which will have you playing " where have I heard that before" for absolutely ages as Green has been sampled by loads of people including Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar and Coldcut.

Grant Green - Sookie Sookie

Friday, 1 March 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I've had the album, Versions,  that today's track comes from on quite a bit recently. The Idjut Boys are known for their dancefloor filing tracks but this album mostly goes in a different direction, more mellow ambient sound with quite a bit of dub, sure there are beats but they are lazy and more to get your head nodding than your feet moving. Kenny Dub Headband has a nagging piano refrain, courtesy of Bugge Wesseltoft,  and some marvellous finger clicking and hand claps. With all the echo and delay their seems to be plenty of space in the music. One to nod to perhaps rather than dance,

Who would support a third tier pish Scottish football team I find I constantly ask myself. Not people who want to keep their blood pressure under control or stay sane anyway. Airdrie were twice ahead against the league leaders last Saturday only to end up losing 3-2. Tomorrow the Diamonds take on Montrose who are sitting one place above in 5th place but 4 points ahead, so a win tomorrow won't see Airdrie climb the table but it would give us rather despondent supporters something of a lift, There have only been 4 home wins so far this season and none in 2019, Pretty pish state of affairs really.

Have a good weekend people.

Idjut Boys - Kenny Dub Headband

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Make Me Feel

Here's a rather good extended remix of one of my favourite tracks of last year. If this doesn't get you moving then I feel really sorry for you.

Nothing else to say really

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

You Had Me Fooled

The northern soul has been a bit thin on the ground around these parts of late a situation I intend to rectify in the coming weeks.

First up then is You Had Me Fooled the debut single from  Danny Wood, released on the Correc-Tone label in 1965 and you won't be surprised to learn that this record is from the Motor City. Wood later found fame when he joined Chairmen of The Board but not before releasing another 6 singles that failed to set the heather on fire at the time, Today a copy of You Had Me fooled, if you could find one would cost around £300.

Danny Woods - You Had Me Fooled

Monday, 25 February 2019

Monday's Long Song

Today's track was on the list of long songs to post, although it has been posted a couple of times previously. I didn't intend to post it today but in response to SA's posting of his and Lou Reed's favourite version of Sweet Jane. I thought that I would post mine, When I first posted this Uncle Dave commented that he had actually seen Lone Justice perform this live and Bonzo and the fud with the beanie had joined them on stage to  sing it. I am glad that I have never heard this version as I think it would taint this absolutely wonderful performance that was recorded for the Radio 1 In Concert series on 06/11/1986

Lone Justice - Sweet Jane 

Friday, 22 February 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

SA over at the Bagging Area was going on about Four Tet earlier in the week and today's track sprung to mind. Released, initially as a ridiculously limited 100 copy white label only available from Phonica in London in September 2017. A further run of 300 were released a couple of weeks later and I ended up at one point having three copies as I had ordered it from Piccadilly but when it didn't appear after a week I got a bit twitchy, so when in Monorail the following Saturday and seeing a copy in the racks I bought it as there was no way that I was going to be left without a copy of this absolute stonker of a piece of Garage House with a nagging refrain that gets lodged in your brain. Inevitably when I got home there was a brown cardboard package from Piccadilly waiting for me and when I opened my Monorail bag there were 2 copies of the 12" in the protective plastic sleeve. So from having no copy on Saturday morning I now had three copies. I did take one of the copies back in to Glasgow during the following week and I think that Stephen Pastel was a little incredulous when I handed it back informing him of his earlier mistake. I couldn't be arsed sending the copy back down to Manchester so I still have two copies.

I really can't face talking about the football. The performance last week was mostly pretty good , the Diamonds should have scored at least three goals, if you forget about the sheer comedy of errors below! Seriously watch it, if you see a bigger shambles of defending this season I will be surprised. The season is all but over, unless we keep losing and end up in a relegation battle. Tomorrow it's away to the League leaders Arbroath just the 25 points ahead of Airdrie still surprisingly in 6th spot.

Have a good weekend people.

KH - Question

Thursday, 21 February 2019

I Wish I Were That Girl

There are not many artists that could convey yearning and emotion more than Wendy Rene and it is an absolute travesty that this lady was not better known during here life time. Although she only released a handful of singles during her career, three as a solo artist at Stax and two earlier as a member of The Drapels they are all of top quality. Rene was supposed to be flying with Otis Redding, who gave her the stage name Rene, on the fateful flight in December 1967 when he, the pilot, four members off the Bar-Kays and another friend were killed when the plane crashed. The concert in Madison, Wisconsin was to be Rene's final for a while as she had a new child at the time but she never performed again deciding to retire from the music business completely after the tragic event.

I Wish I Were That Girl comes from a great compilation album, After Laughter Comes Tears that gathers together all the singles a sides, b sides and another 10 unreleased tracks which is definitely worth investing in.

Wendy Rene - I Wish I Were That Girl

Wednesday, 20 February 2019


I had forgotten how much I loved the first Us3 album until I dug it out the other week for a change. It was like a breath of fresh air, albeit fresh air that is twenty six years old (ffs!) but not at all fusty, I have played the album a few times since and when I decided to post something from it, it became increasingly difficult. There was a thing for jazz influenced hip-hop at this time  and this album is one of the best with it's extensive use of Blue Note samples, don't ask me what they all are, I'm no expert but according to everything I read at the time the tracks on Hand On The Torch is loaded with them. But I have gone for the first track which was also the first single, Cantaloop which liberally samples Herbie Hancock's 1964 track Cantaloupe Island. The single was released twice in the UK, first time round in 1992 hardly anybody noticed it the rerelease the following year saw it get to a respectable number 23 in the charts.

Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

and the Herbie Hancock track

Monday, 18 February 2019

Monday's Long Song

Today's long song comes courtesy of the band that MES plundered for musicians to replace the "traitors, liars and cunts" that left him and Eleni mid way through an American tour, Darker My Love. I don't know the story of how he co-opted Tim Presley (guitar) and Rob Barbato (bass) along with drummer Orpheo McCord into the Fall but he did and brought the musicians back to Britain where I was lucky enough to see them a few times live and they also recorded very good late period Fall record. Today's track is from a set of gigs that Darker MY Love performed during July after the Fall USA tour had been concluded and a couple of weeks before "the dudes" as Smith referred to the Americans as joined the Fall in the UK  to continue the planned dates over here The nights were recorded and released on cd, three of which contain absolutely blistering cover's of Can's Mother Sky, it was a difficult job to pick a version to post today as they are all equally as powerful but I think the the one posted illustrates the incredible sounds that Presley can get out of a guitar and the power of Barbato's bass which both enhanced the sound of the Fall hugely for the brief period when they were in the band and also shaped the future sound that they would take. However there was no way that Tim Presley would have lasted long in the Fall, as he was partial of doing that rockist thing of soloing and looking like a lead guitarist thing that Smith highly disapproved of but jeez, he was good.

Box does not seem to want to upload my music at present so you will have to make do with the YouTube clip, sorry.

Box now working correctly, download below

Darker My Love - Mother Sky (Live at Spaceland)

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Wild And Free

When Donald Tusk last week pondered the "special place in hell" for the liars, charlatans and little Englanders behind the Leave campaign in Britain who promised the earth in 2016 but are now stockpiling body bags and getting the Army ready for the 29th of March, he had  me reaching for Curtis Mayfield's first solo album from 1970.  It was the title of the opening track " (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below Then We're All Going To Go" that immediately sprung to mind. It has been a while since I played this absolutely amazing album, so I sat down and listened to it and then I listened to it again. I had fully intended to post that first track with it's state of the nation for the African American at the turn of the 70s lyrics, which I will eventually get round to posting,  But at the moment with all the negativity around I think we should all take time and listen to something a bit more positive :-

Wild and free is the way I want to Be
Making a new day
Leading in a new way
Respect for those people
Power to the people

Curtis Mayfield - Wild and Free

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Guru Lover

I apologise for the crackle and pops on this record, you would be forgiven for thinking that this record was over twenty years old as opposed to one that was released in 2016. I can only think that it is crap vinyl as it can't have been played more than half a dozen times before it was ripped. But it's one of those clear splattered things. I really do wish that record companies would go back to just pressing on black vinyl.

Anyway, the track is from The Cult of Free Love's as yet only album which apart from the issues with the vinyl is very good. The band or collective hail from North Wales and I was first alerted to them via Swiss Adam's posting of one of Weatherall's radio shows where he played Love Is All There is off their split 10" single. They had a limited single on 5" lathe cut , which I assume is just a small single.

The Cult of Free Love - Guru Lover 

Monday, 11 February 2019

Monday's Long Song

This isn't the version of this tune that I was going to post today but I realised too late last might that I hadn't ripped the original version of 1960 What. This is something I have noticed a lot this weekend as I was going to do a garage/psych compilation on Saturday but half of the tracks that I wanted to include weren't in iTunes or on the Rips1 folder either.

Anyway, the lyrics of 1960 What relate to the death of Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis and of the riots in Detroit but I'm not sure if this refers to the major riots of the summer of 1967 when 42 people were killed. 1189 were injured and over 7000 people arrested or the riots that took place after the assassination of Dr King which not only took place in Detroit but many of the major cities in the USA. The lyrics convey the despondency that must have been felt by all black Americans in the racism and turmoil of the late 60s America.

The mix posted is by the Italian musician Geraldo Frisina that came out in a limited pressing a few months after the original and I was lucky to get my hands on it.  It isn't earth shatteringly different from the original but is a bit bouncier and latin tinged. There is a further slightly shorter "re-rub" by Swedish producer Opolopo which is even more dancefloor focused.

Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Geraldo Frisina Cuban Soul mix)

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Rough Mix #1

A couple of weeks ago when posting 7 Ways To Love I mentioned a mixtape I had back in the early 90s that was filled with Balearic goodness that I thought that I would try and replicate in some way. I fully intended to make an actual tape using turntable and tape deck but don't have any blank tapes, I could have taped over one of the ones in the cupboard I suppose or paid a fortune on eBay for some but I that would be pointless as then I would have to buy a Walkman if I wanted to listen to the tape anywhere but the dining room. So yesterday once I turned the work laptop off I decided to download some mixing software and give it a go.

Below is the result of my first effort put together in under an hour just using the basics, hopefully I will get better with time and practice although some would say that that never happened when I had two turntables and a mixer a long time ago. The tracks I know are all a bit obvious but it's okay.


Dove - Fallen (Darkest Hour)/Orchestra JB - Come Alive (Love In London mix)//The Aloof - Never Get Out Of The Boat (Gosh mix)/Voices of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba/Orchestra JB - Free Spirit (Slow Burn)/Orbital - Belfast/Primal Scream - Come Together (Weatherall)/Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up (Midsummer Madness)

Rough Mix #1

Picture is the sun going down over the Sound of Jura as seen from Machrihanish, who needs the Café Del Mar when you can have the Machrihanish Caravan Park

Friday, 8 February 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It was not my intention to post a series of cover versions this week it just sort of happened like that,  one song led to another in my skewed head but yesterday I began to think of dance cover versions and there have been some horrendous techno and hard house interpretations of truly awful songs over the years but thankfully  the first record that popped into my head was the Style Council's cover of Promised Land  from 1989 and from there it wasn't much of a leap to today's track.

Nine year's after Weller's somewhat surprising (for me at least) take on the Joe Smooth classic it was the turn of house music to return the favour when Terry Farley and Pete Heller in their Fire Island guise covered one of the Style Council's finest moments, Shout To The Top, not only that but they enlisted the talents of the disco legend Loleatta Holloway to provide vocals in her distinctive style that resulted in a joyous piece of uptempo bass driven house. The track came with mixes from Club 69, Industry Standard, Roach Motel (Farley and Heller under another moniker) and Frankie Knuckles but for me the extended original Fire Island mix is the one.

After last week's disappointing 2-2 draw against Dumbarton, Airdrie should have been three nil up by half time but threw away the lead on two occasions, One thing that was apparent was that the young (18year old) Declan Glass is a bit special, unfortunately he is just on loan to the end of the season from Dundee United but I look forward to watching him up until then.

Tomorrow the Diamonds head up to Forfar who are two places and 6 points above Airdrie in fourth in the league table,  where Airdrie need to be to get into the play-offs which could be a tall order unless they play a lot more consistently than they have done over recent weeks hopefully some of young Glass's skill may rub off on some of the others. Nothing short of a victory will do tomorrow.

Have a good weekend people.

Fire Island featuring Loleatta Holloway - Shout To The Top (Fire Island extended mix)

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Toughet Than The Rest

Another very good proponent of the well chosen cover version are Camera Obscura who are great at taking well known upbeat pop songs and giving them a Glasgow twist, ie making them thoroughly glorious but fucking miserable, check out the covers of Super Trooper, Some Guys Have All The Luck and Modern Girl for examples of this art. However I want to post a particularly despondent version of an already downbeat song.

Tougher Than The Rest was originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen on 1987's Tunnel of Love album and album that doesn't get that much of an airing in this house as regularly as other bits of Springsteen's output, not sure why that is but  Tracyanne and her crew's version was released on the b-side of 2009's single Sweetest Thing.

Covers don't get much better than this in my book.

Camera Obscura - Tougher Than The Rest

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

In The Ghetto

Even in the days when I really didn't like Elvis and conformed to the insane view that he was a joke, a stooge or even a simple, rascist as Chuck D believed I had a soft spot for In The Ghetto, I would never admit it to anyone, well not until I was nineteen and started not giving a fuck what others thought of the music I liked. I was in my late twenties before I heard Candi Staton's version of the Mac Davis penned tale of the short life of  an unnamed "young man" in the projects of Chicago, and it blew me away as I never thought that anybody would ever come close to Elvis's rendition, Certainly the versions I had heard up until that point by Nick Cave, Chris Clark, Beats International or The Blizzard King, one of Bill Drummond's made up Finnish artists on his post KLF Kalevala label couldn't lay a glove on what is the original but the version recorded at Muscle Shoals and released as single in 1972 is as near as it gets.

Candi Staton - In The Ghetto

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Everyone Loves A Cover

Yes Levi Stubbs Tears is Billy Bragg's song and brilliant it is too but this cover from the last ever Redskins gig in Munich in September 1986 takes it to a whole other level. Nothing else needs be said I think.

Redskins - Levi Stubbs Tears (Live)

Monday, 4 February 2019

Monday's Long Song

We are on a trip this morning, well the young woman sampled on Everything Is All You've Got" is, as the sampled dialogue is of her description of her experiences on LSD. I love this track, it is the opening track on Minilogue's 2013 album Blomma which contains 5 lengthy tunes only one of which is under 12 minutes, is an absolute joy to listen to and incredibly was laid down live.

Minilogue - Everything Is All You've Got

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Sleep Easy My Beautiful Boy

I know that there are a lot worse things happening in the world than the death of a pet. Jez over at A History of Dubious Taste is mourning the death of his little brother, Llyr, for one. But I feel that I need to record and acknowledge somewhere the life and death of Luca as it has had more of an affect upon me than I imagined it would have done, if I had imagined the prospect at all. I keep telling myself, he was only a cat and he wasn't here for that long, pull yourself together. I suspect this is the reason it took me so long to come round to the idea of having more pets after Baxter's final trip to the vet a little over four years ago. But last Monday just after three pm Luca was killed right outside the house after being struck by some vehicle or other. Only minutes before I arrived back with Leo from school. Luckily for us but not for L she had just returned from a funeral just before us.

When I think about it, it was inevitable just the previous morning as I was coming back from getting the Sunday paper  I had to roar at him as he shot across the road when he saw me and followed me back to the house leaping over the walls of the front gardens of the three houses on the way home. Out of our back there are loads of gardens, the extensive chapel grounds and quieter streets but ever since he and his brother could get out,  there was something that attracted him over that busy main road. I hoped that in time he would lose interest or get the road sense that the previous two cats had but it was not to be. He was always reckless, last summer Lynn called me out the back to point him out up on top of next door's roof on the chimney stack being divebombed by pigeons. He had jumped from the garage onto the pitched roof and climbed up to get at them.

He was Leo's cat, if a cat ever really belongs to anyone. Leo was the one that picked him out from the other 12 kittens only 18 months ago, gave him the most attention and fussed over him. Luca was always a bit more aloof with the rest of us, he may have wanted petting but you would be the one that would have to go to him, that was unless you were Leo in which case he plonked himself down either beside you or on your lap.  It is heartbreaking to watch a ten year old grieve for his pet and his "best friend who always cheered me up if I was feeling down or not well". I have been told that it's all part of life for a child but I was hoping he wouldn't have to deal with this for a good few years yet. It was also a first for me as I never had to dig a hole in the garden before and bury a beloved pet, that was my dad's job but that's me now I suppose.

Anyway, farewell Luca you were much loved and brought a lot of joy in your short time with us, especially to one small boy and his dad if I'm being truthful. You are and will continue to be missed not least by your brother (Hugo) who is a bit lost at the moment.

Meursault - He Was A Friend of Mine

Monday, 28 January 2019

Monday's Long Song

Today was always going to be a version of John Coltrane Stereo Blues the only thing to decide was what one of the 5 different versions of the track was it going to be mega long Steve Wynn, solo version or one of the three other live versions of the track. That was until I realised on Saturday that I hadn't ripped the version from the live 12" that came out for RSD last year, so I decided to rip the whole ep and when I did another track sounded better in the headphones. The slow. languid, echoey groove of How I Found Myself Here was just perfect for my mood at the weekend. I am not as familiar with this track as I am with John Coltrane Stereo Blues, as it comes from the 2017 reunion album which I didn't get around to buying at the time as it being the band's first new material in 29 years I didn't really have high hopes for it and it quickly fell off of my radar. It is on the strength of this back in my sights and on the list.

The Dream Syndicate - How Did I Find Myself Here (Live)

Friday, 25 January 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

A bit of Portuguese tech-house remixed by French Duo Discodeine  and released on their label,  Dark & Lovely, proper European partnership going on here. I know nothing about this but bought it when I was going through my obsession with all things Pilooski and Dark & Lovely. It throbs away in a good way not like when you rattle your thumb with a hammer.

Last week's Scottish Cup game was not the slaughtering that had been expected, indeed just before half time the Celtic keeper pulled off not one but four excellent saves in rapid succession denying the Diamonds of a goal. Second half was a bit backs to the wall stuff but we came away with a three nil defeat, not as bad as a couple of encounters Motherwell have had recently with Celtic, as I overheard  Leo telling his mates over the PS4 when I take it he was getting a pure slagging at the result.  From the radio commentary and the highlights on telly last Saturday night (it's been a long time since the Diamonds have been on Sportscene) the team played exceptionally well, especially the defence and midfield as was essential and the keeper, well let's just say he's a keeper in the other sense of the word, no matter what the horrors on social media say about him and Airdrie in general.

Tomorrow it's back to league action away to Stenhousemuir. Although Stenhousemuir are sitting bottom of the table, that doesn't really go for much in this league and I expect that it will be a tough game. I am trying to persuade Leo to go with me tomorrow but he's not into it at the moment, we shall see.

Have a good weekend people.

Photonz - Trembler (Discodeine remix)

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Sister John

Tomorrow sees the official release of an early contender for album of the year, Sister John, the eponymous second album from the band, Like its predecessor the songs on this album have a warmth which for me has a lot to do with the sound of Jonathan Lilley's guitar  which has echoes of a bygone age. Quite a few of the songs have a darker edge to them than those on the debut, Returned From Sea but not enough for this album to come across as depressing. On the press release there is a comparison made to post Nico Velvets and I can kind of see where that is coming from but if I were to make a comparison it would be as a less chilly Trinity Sessions era Cowboy Junkies without harmonica, added strings and all original material that was partly recorded at home and not in a church. I've had this album for over a month now and it gets better with repeated plays and was the perfect soundtrack to L and my late night biscuits and cheese on Christmas night. It would be really hard to pick favourites from the 11 tracks but at the moment The Other Side Of Love and I'm The One in particular are doing it for me at the moment.

Yet again Sister John and Last Night From Glasgow, the world's first crowd funded not for profit record label deliver a stunning album. This records deserves to sell shed loads and can be ordered here.

Sister John - I'm The One 

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Naked Eye

A couple of posts by other blogger's yesterday is responsible for today's track. First up was SA's over at the Bagging Area where he had posted a belter of a track (aren't they all) by Beastie Boys which got me thinking about Luscious Jackson and then I headed over to the Swede's bit where he had an excellent bit of Scandi Kosmiche called Propeller Propulsion by Swedish four piece Automatism. So after I turned off the lap top I rooted around in the Indie/Hip/Hop/Baggy 12" single cupboard for the Propellerheads heads remix of Naked Eye by the first signing to the Beasties Grand Royal label.

If the truth be told I was rather underwhelmed after playing it, it's alright don't get me wrong but just not as good as I remember it being. That could have something to do with the intervening 23 years, fuck, TWENTY FUCKING THREE years! Unless my memory is totally screwed I did always prefer the British Big Beat duo's remix but now the original mix is the one that's doing it for me. Tastes change I suppose.

Tomorrow I'm going to give Fever In Fever Out, the album Naked Eye comes from a spin. It the present time I have no recollection of any of the other tracks from it! Old age does not come itself.

Luscious Jackson - Naked Eye ( Propellerheads remix)

Luscious Jackson - Naked Eye

Monday, 21 January 2019

Monday's Long Song

I was in two minds whether to post this as the album that this track is the main piece of is getting a long awaited re-release at the beginning of next month. It will be remastered and so will sound a lot better than the download below and although this track is the longest thing on the album, it works better as part of the whole than a standalone piece, although it does work like this which is why I'm not sure whether to invest in the cd or the vinyl as this is one of those things I think should be listened to in full.

The circumstances around the production of this extraordinary piece of music are quite unique. In 1999 Paddy McAloon was all but blind due to detached retinas making him spend a lot of time housebound during which he listened to a lot of shortwave radio broadcasts mainly talk shows and phone-ins. He began to record bits of these broadcasts and started to incorporate these recordings into the music that he was composing at the time adding some TV and television samples along with spoken word passages from the radio shows narrated by Yvonne Connors and Paddy McAloon singing on one of the tracks. The orchestration is lovely. especially the trumpet and strings. This is probably as far from what you expect from A Prefab Sprout album as you are going to get and when it originally came out it was credited to McAloon alone, however the re-release comes out under the Prefab Sprout moniker. I think that everybody's collection will be all the better for having this in it.

Paddy McAloon - I Trawl The Megahertz

Friday, 18 January 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

How about a bit of Spanish techno to brighten up your Friday? I say Spanish but that is an assumption, Agony Forces may not be but the label certainly is. I bought this when it came out and am really surprised that that was way back in 2013, I thought that this was from a couple of years ago at the most. The original mix of Kibera, is a very good piece of minimal tech house, however I prefer the throbbing mix by Italian producer Ness which just builds and builds but unfortunately finishes after just under 7 minutes which is a bit of a disappointment. I could imagine this being in a Slam set.

Well, tomorrow is the big one. Can the not so mighty Diamonds stop the treble treble from occurring. I think that we all know the answer to that one. But don't even jokingly suggest such a thing on Twitter as you will be greeted with a load of abuse regarding your religious persuasion, be accused of sectarianism, told that you don't really support Airdrie and that your club/town is worthless and pointless. Some people really need to get some perspective but then again I see my football club as just that a football club, not a family. or a "way" of life and it certainly does not shape my thinking or perspective on everything else. I know, my bad.

Anyway, after last week's draw with Raith Rovers, a match where according to JC, Airdrie had 11 men behind the ball all match, not the same game as I watched but there you go, to say I am not confident about the 4th round of the Scottish Cup tomorrow would be an understatement but miracles can happen but not very often in Lanarkshire. If we can keep it below 5 nil I will be happy, as I don't think that a score line like that will have any lasting trauma for Leo as he has experienced such a humping previously  but any more than that and I will be worried for the wee man.

Have a good weekend people and 'moan the Diamonds!

Agony Forces - Kibera

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Apache Street

What do you get if you splice a stone cold classic piece of soul with one of the most sampled pieces of music ever? You get an extremely funky three and a bit minutes of pure class. Daytoner, the producer from the West Country has come up with the goods once again. The soul track is Lou Rawls Dead End Street and the other is Apache by the Incredible Bong Band and they go together beautifully.

Daytoner - Apache Stree

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Return of Nick Waterhouse

As you will be aware if you have read this for any length of time I am a big fan of Nick Waterhouse, his 60s insprired R&B, blue-eyed soul and on the last album downright jazzy grooves are right up my street. So the prospect of a new album was greeted with great joy in these parts and a sneak preview copy for my personal listening pleasure was much appreciated, thanks Ellie. You will be pleased to hear that it is another belter, yet again conjuring up images of dim light clubs, sharp suited guys and mini skirted girls with bobs but that may just be me. It will be released on the 8th of March from all good record shops or wherever you get your downloads from.

Those of you in Manchester, London and a handful of other European cities pissed off that once again no Glasgow show ! I had  the opportunity to see the man live and can thoroughly recommend him as back in September 2014 he was absolutely magic at King Tuts although the place was half empty maybe why he hasn't ventured back to Scotland but it was one of my gigs of the year, for the cover of Pass The Hatchet alone. Jesus, four and a bit years ago.