Wednesday, 6 October 2010

More Of The Same, Unfortunately

If somebody were to ask me what my favourite ten albums of the past decade were, I would probably have trouble trying to keep it down to ten. But two sure choices would be the Burial albums, both would have to be included as I really can't choose between them.

I was completely blown away when I heard the first album, it was just not what I had expected at all especially when it was said to be dubstep. Instead of something to go mental on the dancefloor to here was an album that you had to sit down and listen to and really listen to. Even now when I put either album on I just have to take time out and immerse myself in them and do absolutely nothing else but listen.

So anytime I hear William Bevan's more famous moniker mentioned in relation to new music it is time for a celebration. When I heard that Burial would be responsible for remixing a track from Commix album Call To Mind, the only question that came to mind was when can I order this.

The single sided 12" single arrived last week and I eagerly ripped it from the cardboard box,  fired it on to the turntable and listened. I don't know what I was expecting exactly but I felt disappointed, don't get me wrong the record is great but great in the same way as all of the previous Burial records have been but there is nothing new in it, it just sounds like Burial.

As I said I don't know what I was expecting but from somebody who has been so innovative in the past, most recently in his collaboration with FourTet, Moth,  it feels to me as if he is treading water a little.

See what you think

Commix - Be True (Burial mix)


davy h said...

There is a Four Tet remix of The xx's 'VCR' about at the mo - have you heard it? Tom Ravenscroft has been playing it and I thought of you (and oh yes, I have been enjoying Tom Ravenscroft's show).

drew said...

The Four Tet mix of VCR is great, unfortunately my mp3 copy is rather shitty quality. Not heard if it's going to be released or not, hope so.