Friday 22 October 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Keep On Keeping It Peel, Number 4

By the end of the 1980's more and more Peel sessions were from solo artist or duos who had thrown away their guitars and amps and replaced them with sequencers, decks and drum machines. With acts such as A Guy Called Gerald, Coldcut and the like recording sessions. This was one of my favourite periods of listening to John Peel as I was hearing most of these weird and wonderful artists for the first time. I seem to remember at the time that there were quite a lot of grumbling at the time from long term listeners as to why Peel was moving away from the indie fodder that had reigned supreme during the 80's.

This move towards more electronic music increased as the show entered the 90's, to such an extent that Dave Clarke even filled in for Peel on a couple of occasions. During the early 90s there were seminal sets by Orbital, Sabres of Paradise and the Orb (more of which later).

Today's session track comes from Future Sound Of London's first of four sessions for the show.

Session recorded 25th August 1992 and aired on 18th September 1992

Tracklisting: Lifeforms, Expander, Papua New Guinea, Space Hippy

Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea


Ctelblog said...

loving this series. inspired, I am going to do one for the week following monday

Anonymous said...

Presumably your top 3 will all be the Fall?
Been a while should try and catch up now I'm back in Scotland.

drew said...

Thanks, Ctel, looking forward to yours, will be completely different I suspect.

James, good to hear from you, only allowed one Fall entry and it may surprise you.
Get yourself over here, nothing's changed. You don't happen to have a copy of the Cramps Peel Session, do you?

James (if you prefer) said...

You wont believe it but I don't is this a challenge to go get it!

drew said...

I thought that if anybody would have a copy it would be you.

Jimmy is fine, don't know why I typed James.

swiss adam said...

Cramps peel session sounds good. Haven't got it btw.

davyh said...

Great week of posting Drewster. You Da Man.