Friday, 22 July 2016

It's Friday. . . Let's Dance

I'm a bit late today sorry.

Just back from Newcastle and not had any time to prepare anything. How about a bit of mad Italian acid from Lory D that came out on Numbers in 2012 to frazzle your brain before the weekend even begins after three full on days in the North East I am feeling rather ragged around the edges already. I can't decide between the a-side and track 1 on the b side so have both. That's the kind of guy I am.

This weekend I will be mostly trying to get the new scooter running, Long story that I will regale you with later and tomorrow it is time to go to the Excelsior stadium tomorrow to pick up my season ticket  as the season starts next weekend with an away fixture against Queens Park at Hampden, unfortunately I will be in Machrihanish, the last time I was at the national stadium the Diamonds were "narrowly" ahem,  beaten by Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final twenty one years ago. Happy Days.

Have a good weekend people.

Lory D -  B-I-1-3-2 Acid

Lory D -  Acidattak

Thursday, 21 July 2016

What An Edit!

On the way up the road from Portsmouth on Saturday I was listening to Richard Searling on Radio Stoke until we lost the signal around Lancaster as I hoped that some quality northern tunes would stave off the gloom that was descending as the realisation of the Monday morning to come and back to work started forming in my head.  It was working too until we got to around Lancaster when the signal was lost and seeing it was Saturday I re-tuned to 6Music where the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show was in full swing. He was playing some quality tunes but when this edit of Groove Is In The Heart came on I nearly flipped, it is the dogs bollocks and so first thing on Sunday I was on the net to see if it had been released, preferably on vinyl. Alas it hasn't but it can be picked up for a small donation along with another 14 refits here.  I can assure you you will not be disappointed.

Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (The Reflex revision)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Witch

I've got a bit of a mental few days coming up, down south, in the north east, if you get me. Not my favourite place after they all decided to vote for us to go back "to a past that never was" but enough of all that. Here is a great bit of 60s garage from everybody's favourite band from Tacoma Washington. The Witch was the band's first single released on Etiquette Records in 1964 and backed with the equally brilliant Psycho.

The Sonics - The Witch 

The Sonics - Psycho

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Funky As A Really Funky Thing!

Nick Weston has unearthed and released more than a few gems on his Mukatsuku label over the past ten years, this screamer from the sadly departed Loleatta Holloway being a prime example. It was first released in 1971 and is nothing like the disco classics such as Love Sensation that she is better known for. The Mukatsuku release came out in 2014 and was backed by a classy piece of downtempo soul from Ron Henderson & Choice of Colour.

Loleatta Holloway - Bring It On.

Monday, 18 July 2016

My Love Is Getting Stronger

Did you miss me?

Thought not.

I think that a classy bit of soul is the best way to ease me back to "pit boots and purridge" as my mother used to say. I posted a version of today's tune way back in 2010, sung by Tommy Ridgley. today's version is from Gloria Edwards and was never released on 7" single until the beginning of this year. Not quite as good as the Ridgley version but brilliant none the less.

Talking of all things northern, on holiday I read Stuart Cosgrove's excellent book on the subject coming quickly on the heels of his previous tome Detroit 67 which I thoroughly enjoyed I was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint. Cosgrove knows his shit on the subject and his passion is also very evident however as with the previous book there are quite a few things repeated and I found myself saying, "you've told us this already" more than once. Also he does seem to go off on tangents which I actually quite liked but could get frustrating. Overall it is well worth reading for anyone with any interest in the northern scene. There is quite an extensive section on the all-nighters at Allanton Miner's Welfare that I frequented a few times and transported me back to my angsty youth and had me smiling remembering the exploits of some scooterist mates the first time we went there.

There has always been one thing that has enraged me about the northern scene and that is the OVO (original vinyl only) stance. I can understand it in the early days and through the heyday when there weren't that many clubs and few djs all trying to make a name for themselves and needing something to give them that edge over others to get the bookings but when I got into the music I always thought straight from the start quite a bit of hypocrisy with this elitist attitude that you can't play the record out unless it is an original and has cost you an arm and a leg. Yes I know, that some people went to great lengths to unearth these records by going to the States and searching through warehouses and bringing back their finds. I appreciate all that and I realise that there wouldn't be a scene at all if this weren't the case. The inconsistancy with this stance for me comes when these people start going on about the bootleggers who inevitable got in on the act, reproducing loads of copies of in demand records, The argument is that they were all just vultures descending on the scene  and making money out of records they had no publishing rights to or involvement in, exploiting the northern fans with poor quality copies and also the artists who would not see a bean from these releases. I hope that someone will prove me wrong but every time that a dealer, collector or dj sold on a copy of an in demand tune did they then send a percentage of the profit they made to the artist, I suspect not. Or when the crate diggers found copies of singles they knew they could get a kings ransom for back home did they inform the seller of  the value in the UK and reimburse them accordingly? Again I rather suspect they kept that knowledge to themselves and paid what ever the asking price was or tried to haggle. As someone with children and other priorities I am in no position  to pay 500 quid for a copy of Say Something Nice To Me by Bobby Kline on MB Records but I would still like to be able to put it on a turntable as opposed to putting it on a drawer  to disappear into the player or worse still only be able to hear it the once every year or so I got to go to a soul night. I know that some could argue that I am just envious of those who do own the records and wish that I was in that position but is that an argument that really should be pursued,  "the politics of envy" one? I just know that if it hadn't for legal, semi legal and downright shady re-presses of classic northern tunes that I heard at scooterist do's back in the mid 80s this glorious form of music would have passed me by and I would have been a worse person for it but not only that, at least a couple of dozen other people would never have heard of artists such as Willie Hutch, Otis Smith. Melba Moore and the rest that I ranted on to them about until they either got it or ignored me..

Just so as you know, if I didn't have kids, a mortgage and a need for too many jackets and Adidas trainers then I probably would spend a lot more cash on northern soul singles, however I still think that I would be of the opinion that OVO is elitist wank.

Gloria Edwards - My Love Is Getting Stronger

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

En Vacances

There will be nothing here until a week on Sunday as this afternoon we will make the trek down to Portsmouth where we will get the ferry tomorrow morning to Caen. I haven't been on holiday in Brittany for twenty five years but looking forward to it. It will be a bit different to Gurson , quite a few degrees cooler for a start and more cidre than Claret but I dare say I can live with that.

The picture has sod all to do with the post or the music. I have been waiting to use it for ages but with me being away for the semis and the final you can have it just now

Mind and put the bins out on Wednesday.

Aztec Camera - Rainy Season (Live)

Monday, 4 July 2016


I love this tune from the piano intro onwards, it just oozes class. It was released on Ramsel Records out of Chicago  back in 1968. Wade Flemons is probably best remembered as a musician in Earth, Wind and Fire but was active as a solo artist from 1958 until the late 60s. He released a couple of singles which made an impact on the northern scene, Jeanette and That Other Place, Flemons passed in 1993 at the young age of 53. An original copy of Jeanette will set you back in the order of £800.

Wade Flemons - Jeanette

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mellow Sunday

This is my favourite Siouxsie song apart from the stuff she did as The Creatures, Still can't abide Goths though. Apologies for the crackles, I have had a few copies of this single over the years and they have all been the same, it must have been a really shite batch of vinyl.

Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Last Beat Of My Heart

Friday, 1 July 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I had a rather dark slab of acid for today and then I thought, no we need something a bit more uplifting in response to recent events in the UK and I'm Free by the Soup Dragons sprang to mind for some reason but after about 10 seconds I realised that this might send out the wrong message, wrong song right era, Just now I wan't to think back to a time when although we had a Tory government but there was an optimism about the place, people were coming together in a good way full of hope and passion.

It couldn't all have been down to the E could it?

This weekend I will mostly getting ready to go on holiday, as next Tuesday we are off down to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to France, not our usual destination of Gurcon in the Dordogne  but my brother and sister-in-law's holiday home in Brittany which will be different.

Have a good weekend people.

Happy Mondays - Step On (Twistin' My Melon Mix)

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

It Gets Worse

The above picture shows a sticker that had been stuck on a memorial to the volunteers from Glasgow that went to Spain to fight Franco and his fascists in the 30s!

Is it just me or does it feel like we are back at the arse end of the 70s beginning of the 80s. Labour going into meltdown. Football and racist violence becoming de riqueur. Added to which certain Conservatives showing their true colours with not an ounce of shame. I tell you as soon as I see a pair of brown cord flares and ridiculously collared mustard coloured shirts I'm for the off.

The Specials - Doesn't Make It Alright

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Take Me To The Other Side

I have posted a live version by Spiritualized of this track originally recorded by Jason Pierce's previous group Spacemen 3 before but the quality of that recording from a Glasgow gig at the ABC that I attended was less than perfect. This version from a bootleg of a performace at  the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden back in 2002 is much better and gives a better impression of how powerful this track can be live, although you don't get the fluttering of the chest that you get when confronted face to face with the wall of sound created or the mental light show which is impossible to watch for any length of time. Magic stuff! It has been far too long since Spiritualized toured the UK.

Spiritualized - Take Me To The Other Side (Hultsfred 14-06-2002)

Monday, 27 June 2016

Friday, 24 June 2016

Dark Days Indeed

A bit more Weatherall might cheer us up, it couldn't make it any worse! And is that doesn't work there is always Sturdy Girl and alcohol.

Sly and Lovechild - The World According to Sly and Lovechild (Soul of Europe mix)

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I just hope to fuck that I am in the mood to dance when this post comes out in the morning. I thought as a companion piece to the Wednesday's Chemical Brothers I would post there first single, well the Weatherall mix of there first single which came out on a different label and so is probably the second single or second edition and not even that as at the time they were called the Dust Brothers. It doesn't really matter it is magic.

In other news my new scooter has arrived and it's lovely. Not looking forward to running it in but you've got to take the crunchy with the smooth as the big nosed bard from Barking once said.

Have a good weekend people. I wonder if you can guess what I'm going to be up to.

Dust Brothers - Song To The Siren (Full Sabre mix)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Destiny Calling

God I hope that this time tomorrow I don't find myself a member of a little,  insular, backwards looking country but I wouldn't bet against it happening. Or will I still be in a union of nations that's not perfect and needs to be reformed.. I am not going to get into the arguments as if you live in the UK you have almost certainly had enough of other peoples opinions and if you are from anywhere else and have not been following this devisive campaign, you have not missed much as not many of debates and speeches were very illuminating and even less were true. The title of this song from The Cramps is a question I have asked myself more than once over the past couple of months.

The Cramps - How Far Can Too Far Go?