Friday, 9 October 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Not had time to do anything been too busy this week, so the tracks from A Short Film About Chilling will continue next Friday. Instead here is my favourite mix of a New Order song, surprisingly it's not by a certain A Weatherall but his Boy's Own  muckersTerry Farley and Pete Heller.

I'm off down south to visit my brother on Mersea island until Tuesday so nothing to see here until Wednesday at the earliest.

Have a good weekend people.

New Order - Regret (The Fire Island mix)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Another Cover

I bought this 12" single a few weeks after RSD last year around the time that people realised that they weren't going to make a killing on the records that they greedily bought that day, and started replacing their exorbitant starting prices with best offer on ebay. I didn't buy the live Cults 12" on the day as it was way down my list and was something that would have been a nice to have, as I really do like the duo 's sound ( I know,  another female fronted duo), but not an essential purchase.I checked ebay, as you do in the days after rip-off Saturday and there were chancers looking for north of forty quid for the four track 12" single which made it all the more sweeter when I eventually got it for less than it was selling for on the day. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it had a cover version of the brilliant Motels song, Total Control on it which is pretty good.

Cults - Total Control

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Conductor Dub

I'm over the water in Belfast for a couple of days but I have had some time to do a couple of posts. No, no need to thank me.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been flogging the Sexwitch album to death and I know that I am not alone, SA, Walter and the Swede have also been mesmerised by this collaboration between Natasha Khan, Toy and Dan Carey. I'm not going to post anything from the album just go out and buy it you won't be disappointed. I thought that I would post a previous collaboration between Dan Carey and Toy when he got his hands on some tracks from the band's second album and dubbed them up.

Toy - Conductor (dub)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

More Garage Rock

After the relative success of last week's piece of US 60s garage. I thought that I would post another and see how this one goes down. Again it is a cover  by a forgotten bunch of kids, this time from Winsted, Connecticut. This interpretation of the Chris Kenner/Wilson Pickett classic at the time didn't even make it to a release. A handful of acetates were pressed and sent to local radio stations who responded with complete apathy,  a bit like you lot with Red Crayola a couple of weeks ago. So the acetates lay gathering dust until Crypt Records from Hamburg decided to press up the single along with Cry For The Trees recorded during the same session.

Btw - there is nothing wrong with the recording, there was no fluff on the needle when I was ripping the vinyl. It's supposed to sound like that. Brilliant isn't it.

Tyme  - Land Of One Thousand Dances

Monday, 5 October 2015

You Don't Love Me

I was out on the scooter yesterday for which I think may be the final time this year, it being a bit baltic an' all. When I was out it got me thinking back to when I was eighteen until about twenty one when this was the only form of transport I had and I would be out riding it in all weathers going to work. There was one extremely scary day when I was caught in a blizzard on the A8 going to Stepps one morning. The last ten miles or so being completed at about 10 miles per hour with my feet down most of the way. The scooter was left in one of the containers that night and a lift home arranged with my father, Bit I digress,

Today's bit of soul was a big favourite on the scooter scene when I was a lad ad just missed out in being included in my northern top fifty feature a wee while ago. It also features at number 7 in Kev Roberts original Northern Soul All Time Top 500. I didn't know that much about this record and after consulting the above tome Kev didn't appear to know much more, he suspected that it was a "blue eyed" soul song, So I dug a little deeper, well typed the group's name and title into the search engine as you do and voila the true story of the record can be found here. This song was huge in Wigan and was first played covered up as being by Moses Smith in early 1974.

The Epitome of Sound - You Don't Love Me

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mellow Sunday

This is a lovely piece of pop music from BMX Bandits. Just the thing for a Sunday Morning.

BMX Bandits - Doorways

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves #6

The sixth release from Boy's Own Recording is a kind of departure from the previous releases as it is a much more Housey affair very much a New York Garage vibe. DSK were the production team of Lawrence Davis. Joseph Lewis Stone and Paul Klein. This single was originally released in the US on Jack-Pot Records in the UK there was also the obligatory remix 12" single with mixes from Steve 'Silk' Hurley.

DSK - What Would You Do (Original mix)

DSK - What Would You Do (Hurley's Extended Remix)

DSK - What Would You Do (Hurley's House mix)

Friday, 2 October 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Most of the music included in A Short Film About Chilling as you would expect was rather laid back the bpm count pretty low, in fact during the film one group of party goers interviewed were quite peeved off as they expected it to be more uptempo as one  girl said "you can't really blow your whistle to it all the time can you". Hold Me Back by German producer Westbam doesn't really fall into this category the BPMs are high for the time on this proto trance production which had been released the previous year. It always makes me want to play French Kiss by Lil Louis when I hear it for some reason.

I'm off to see Kid Wave tonight and then the football tomorrow, who would have thought that we would be going to the football in the sunshine in October. It's about as likely as Airdrie sitting fourth in the league.

Have a good weekend people.

Westbam - Hold Me Back

Thursday, 1 October 2015

That's A Bit Indie Dance

During my extended weekend last week I got a chance to really listen to stuff that I have had for ages but have had only given the most perfunctory of listens along with the Sexwitch album which I can thoroughly recommend. One such record is The Time and Space Dub Machine mixes of the Australian psychedelic duo Jagwar Ma from spring last year. This is a sprawling 5 track ep of music that transports you back to the time when "Indie Dance" was the music genre of choice and I could be found either in a field or a warehouse on a good weekend. The pick of the bunch is the Levitational mix of The Throw.

Jagwar Ma - The Throw (Levitational mix)

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Take Me To The Other Side

I haven't got a lot to say today. I have been meaning to post this tune again for ages. It is without doubt my favourite Spacemen 3 song, it's hard to believe that it's 28 years old. A few years ago, seven to be precise when I saw Spiritualized in Glasgow Jason turned this into a twelve minute epic of throbbing noise which if it had gone on for another 10 minutes I would still have been happy.

Spacemen 3 - Take Me To The Other Side

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Who Do You Love?

Since you were all totally underwhelmed by my posting a bit of 60s American Garage Rock last week I thought that I would inflict some more on you this week, so here is a cover of the Bo Didley song which would later be covered in an extremely menacing style by the Mary Chain. This version by the LA group The Preachers from 65/66 ish is a lot more frenetic.

The Preachers - Who Do You Love

Monday, 28 September 2015

What's In A Name?

I intended to post one of Motown's earliest tracks that would be labelled as psychedelic soul, Reflections,  however when I played the track on Saturday I flipped it over and after listening decided that the b-side was the one to post. This single was significant in more ways than one. Not only was this the first hit of this new sub-genre bringing the record label bang up to date, it was also the first release to be released as Diana Ross and the Supremes and sadly also the last recording of the trio to feature Florence Ballard.  The struggle within the group is detailed in depth in Stuart Cosgrove's excellent book Detroit 67.

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Going Down For The Third Time

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mellow Sunday

With all the discussion around This Is England 90, which I haven't watched yet, it's on my list, as Stiff remarked recently "you gotta love catch up TV". Anyway I thought that it was about time I featured something by Shane Meadows friend and collaborator Gavin Clarke. This is the demo version of one of the many highlights from Sunhouse's is only and sadly much over looked album Crazy On The Weekend. After Sunhouse disbanded Clarke went on to form Clayhill and also collaborated with UNKLE. Sadly Clarke died in February of this year.

Sunhouse - Spinning Round The Sun (Acoustic Demo)

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves #5

The fifth release on the label saw the return to the studio of the members responsible for BOIX1.  I don't think that people took to Substance the way they did to raise. If I remember right I wasn't that impressed when I first put it on the turntable but after a few spins it grew on me and in the here and now it sounds really good. I'm not sure that if I were listening to it for the first time I could place it to 1990 until flipped over, the b-side is firmly of it's time. There was also a remix 12" with three versions by the Moody Boys which are less than essential, it is probably best to stick to the a side of the original release although the b-side is also worth a listen.

Bocca Juniors - Substance 

Bocca Juniors - Substantially Soulful