Friday, 8 October 2010

It's Friday . . . Blow Yer Whistle

Right it's back to 1992 for this Friday's instalment of the most flogged to death series in blog land. So it is time to get out your glow sticks, air horns, masks and vicks.

I have absolutely no recollection of buying this release as I was never really into the Rave scene, I was more of a progressive house person and would rather go to the Sub Club or the Arches in 1992 than some Rezzurrection or Fantazia shindig. I did however, like Anthem and it is possible that this was bought on a whim late one drunken night from Tower Records in Glasgow, which was stupidly open to midnight and if this was the case then it is far from the only bit of vinyl that was purchased in this fashion during that period.

The record is basically a mini Rave split over two sides of vinyl. Don't ask me to name the individual tracks as I haven't a scooby. But I have been reliably informed that this was pretty much how a PA by N-Joi went down during the days of white doves and mitsubushis.

I just love the crap but earnest MC'ing.

You're rockin' with N-Joi, Come On! 

N-Joi - Live In Manchester (Part1)


Mondo said...

Those opening drums are straight out of Yazz - 303 noises at the end are great though.

Ps I know you’re no Fabs fan, but try a spin of this - TNK tweaked and edited by Loftside Wobble. Go on give it a go, you never know, it could be a Green Eggs and Ham moment.

Mondo said...

And crank it for best effect..

davy h said...

A Green Eggs & Ham Moment - ! Gotta love that crazy Southender.

Bon weekend The Drewster.

dickvandyke said...

Got any Wig-Wam Bam?

swiss adam said...

This still kind of great. But I couldn't listen to it all day.

drew said...

Very drole Dickie.

drew said...

Mondo - the link isn't working but I think that it is the Tomorrow Never Knows edit that is on your site. If so, it is rather good but how much that has to do with the remix I'm not sure? But I will give you that and In My Life.