Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween , Happy Birthday My Boy.

It's Max's birthday today, born on Halloween seven years ago and has been scaring the shit out of his mother and I ever since.

Here is his favourite song of the moment plus the only northern Halloween related song I can think of and a lovely duet with Shane and Sinead a match made in hell if ever there was one.

AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie

Azie Mortimer - Haunted

Shane MacGowan And The Popes - Haunted


Simon said...

What about Ghost In My House?

Hope your nipper has a lovely day!

drew said...

I keep forgetting about that, I think that is in reaction to the terrible cover by The Fall

Mondo said...

My two went nuts for AC/DC at that age (youngest still is). Eldest (14 tomorrow)has moved on to rap now. Happy birthday to your little chap

John Medd said...

Many moons ago Powerage was welded to my turntable. We saw them at Wembley in '79 supporting The Who - tho' the sound wasn't good that day it was a blistering set nevertheless. For me the band died along with Bon Scott (Brian Johnson is still listed as 'lead singer of Geordie' in my brain's filing cabinet).

dickvandyke said...

Lovely trick or treat triumverate -if that's a word?

The angelic voice of Sinead adds to the scariness.

ACDC no good for my John Smith's hangover. Shed walls are shaking as much as me.

Perhaps I need to put my clocks back to 1980, when I could handle it!

davy h said...

Happy Birthday Scarius Maximus!

drew said...

Max says cheers guys.

What is it about boys and metal, tonight I had to dig out the very dusty copy of Bat Out Of Hell for him as he had watched somebody do it on the X factor last night. Although it is stirring up memories with me as did the heavy metal documentary on BBC 4 on Friday Night, Saxon and Diamond Head, jesus.