Saturday 16 October 2010

Keeping It Peel

I was reading the other week at The Vinyl Villain of Webbie's idea for the 25th October and decided that it was too important a date not to commemorate. So I started thinking of what Fall session track I would post on the day but realised that by just posting a Fall Peel Session track. I was being a bit slack with Mr Peel's memory and of the influence the man had on my musical taste,  as the Fall weren't the only band that I got to hear through him directly or when I was a lot younger more indirectly from JP via Bat and Tank,  my best mate's  older brothers.

So what to do? Should I try and list the bands that I first heard on the John Peel Show, examples of such would be The Fall of course but also Bang Bang Machine, Ella Guru, Okkervil River amongst many others.  Or should I post my favourite Festive Fifty tracks or the best Festive Fifty number one, which in my opinion is Geek Love by the afore mentioned Bang Bang Machine.

After much thought I have decided on the ten best  Peel session tracks by different individuals or bands that I have in my collection at the moment and don't have to go searching for and downloading from the internet.

The facts, date of session etc will either come from the back of the vinyl (I am lucky enough to own a few of those Peel Session 12" singles that were released on Strange Fruit) or the cd and for the couple that I own only in MP3 form, from Ken Garner's excellent book, The Peel Sessions, a read and reference material that no self respecting music fan should be without.

So, here is number ten on my list, The Pixies,  a band that over the last few years I have neglected. When I first heard them, I was sort of falling out of love with guitar based music in favour of the 4/4 beats of House. The Pixies were one of the few conventional bands at this time that I got into but it was in a bit of a half hearted fashion. I bought Doolittle and the follow-up Bossanova and listened to them on and off but not nearly as much as the house and acid 12" singles I was buying at the time. It wasn't until I revisited these albums in the early noughties that I really got into them.

The track I have picked is from their third session for Peel recorded on 16th April 1989 and aired on 2nd May 1989.

The Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation


Ctelblog said...

Excellent idea.

swiss adam said...

Great song. Love the UK Surf mix version as well

Mondo said...

I'm up for it too - thinking of perhaps a peelcast?

drew said...

Ctel - bit worried about the choices I've made.
SA - The UK Surf version is the one.

Peel cast sounds good Mondo

davyh said...

Def. up for it on the 25th too.