Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dark Storm

The Jezabels have just released their third ep,  Dark Storm.  Although there is nothing as immediate as Disco Biscuit Love, all five tracks get better with each play.

The best new music I've heard for a few months.

I don't know how to best pigeonhole their sound so I won't even bother.

The Jezabels - Sahara Mahala


davy h said...

This track? Early 90s-style female-fronted sub-4AD indie rock, cf: Throwing Muses, Belly.

And rather good.

I thank you.

drew said...

You should have been a music journalist Mr H.

Glad you enjoyed it. The rest of the ep is just as good.

dickvandyke said...

As for me ...

have you got any more pictures of women in ponds?

drew said...
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drew said...

Nope, but got a couple of right sexy ones with a woman from your neck of the woods with a meat pie in one hand and a half of red Guinness in the other, goes by the name of Tracy, do you ken her?

dickvandyke said...

Oh yes. Classy bird drew, and no mistake. Doesn't form a shamrock in the head of yer pint, more a clenched fist.

She has a rabid scorpion tattood on her left tit. When bending over, she also displays a brown-stained g-string - which is a particularly attractive look.

(And how did you know my father in law is called ken?)