Monday 18 October 2010

Keeping It Peel, Number 8

Today it is the fourth best band in Hull's turn to shine in their first session from Maida Vale.

I was always a big fan of the Housemartins. I loved the way that they incorporated left wing political views in what seemed like innocuous pop songs, however I'm not quite sure to what extent the messages registered with those not already converted. I was also rather partial to their a cappella efforts at gospel music (it isn't Christmas in this house until Caravan of Love has been dusted down and placed on the turntable) although others I know couldn't abide these tracks.

One of my big regrets of the mid eighties was not borrowing the money to go and see them at the Barras for what by all accounts was one of the best concerts that those who attended had ever been at.

The first session was recorded 21st July 1985 and was aired on 29th July 1985.

Track listing: Drop Down Dead, Flag Day, Stand At Ease and Joy, Joy, Joy.

The Housemartins - Flag Day

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Simon said...

Such a voice. One of the best singers that decade produced I think, and hugely underrated in a lot of places. He sang in those days like a trumpet, cool pure notes.

I much prefer the slower songs from The Housemartins.