Thursday, 7 October 2010

I'm Really Not Sure

On the three occasions I have seen Imelda May live, one of the highlights of the night has always been her cover version of Tainted Love, so when the new album popped through the door, it was the first track that I put on.

After listening to it now for the fourth time, I really don't know if I like it or not which is a new feeling for me being undecided about music.

It would appear that I may be starting to become indecisive.

Imelda May - Tainted Love


Simon said...

" I think I was undecided but I couldn't make my mind up"

I heard a track the other day from the new album and it was bloody good

davy h said...

Is she one of those people who's always better live than on record?

I've got to say I've not really 'got' any of the stuff by her I've heard, and I really have approached it wanting to.

swiss adam said...

I've just been listening to some of it, having bought it today, but I'm stuffed full of a cold, which isn't giving it the best chance maybe. It's sounding OK so far.

drew said...

Mr H, she is better live but the recorded version is good as well. It's just this track, I don't know if I am just remembering it to be better live than it was.

I think that the Blue Harlem stuff she did will be right up your alley Mr H.

Simon, the album is really good but the last thing that was needed was a remix of Johnny's Got A Boom Boom tagged on to the end.

davy h said...

Yes, that's very nice - thank you.

lewstew said...

Are you kidding? This is FANTASTIC!!

drew said...

Glad you like it lewstew