Thursday 18 February 2016

One For Kenny

For some reason the Idjut Boys album totally passed me by when it was released around the middle of last year, it wasn't until a guest posting by ISM at the Vinyl Villain in very early January that I was made aware of Versions a collection of tracks that they just happened to have in the vaults, however the "sub Fleetwood Mac outtake type bliss" description had me wondering what the hell had happened to the boys over the previous year or so since I had bought anything by them and so intrigued I decided to investigate. What I found was some serious blissed out sounds and long deep and dubby  but subtle house movers and no chiffon clad coke casualties in site.  I realised that the album had only whetted my appetite and so I decided to take a punt on the spin off 12" singles from the album, one of a couple of different mixes by the guys themselves and a further with a couple of tracks remixed by Prins Thomas and Bjorn Torske. I have decided to post the Bjorn Torske remix of One For Kenny which was a tribute to Kenny Hawkes, the house DJ/Producer who sadly passed back in 2011.

Idjut Boys - One For Kenny (Bjorn Torske For Kenny Remix)


The Swede said...

This is bloody great! Thanks for putting it up.

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Echorich said...

Really Great!!!