Tuesday 9 February 2016

In The Basement

As anybody who has dipped in here with any regularity will know I'm a sucker for a re-edit, something about somebody stripping down and reassembling a track that I know appeals to me. Much more i would say than a straight cover version, although I am more than a little partial to those as well, although not ruined by either Michael Bolton or cack factor wannabe stars. Posted is a cracking strung out refit of a classic bit of soul but Theo Parrish doesn't just take one version of Down In The Basement but splices two versions, one, probably the better know by Etta James and the other by Sugar Pie DeSanto creating a ten minute funky groover. Rare as hen's teeth on vinyl.

Etta James/Sugar Pie DeSanto - Down In The Basement (Theo Parrish Re-edit)

* I have given you some duff info on this record, the record doesn't sample two different versions of In The Basement, apparently it was a duet released on Cadet in 1966, For years I have thought that the version I had was by Etta James alone which was rubbish.


The Swede said...

There's quite a few good records posted around our little corner of the interweb at the moment and this utterly glorious slab o'noise is right up there among the best of 'em. Wonderful.

Swiss Adam said...

New to me and very good indeed