Tuesday 23 February 2016

I Can't Change.

Another of those tracks that from the opening bars transport me back to the grubby back rooms or "function suites" as they were termed of the few licensed establishments in deepest, darkest Lanarkshire that either hadn't heard of the carnage that could ensue when a scooter club put on a do or crazily were willing to give us the benefit of the doubt, If the night didn't end with a rammy between different clubs we could always rely on the locals for a bit of trouble which would lead to solidarity between rival clubs, Happy days indeed.

I Can't Change was released on RCA/Victor in 1967 and was produced by Jack Ashford. It's lucky for the label that Motown were unable to copyright the sound of young America, as I think with this record Hitsville USA would have been due a payout.

Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Change

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The Swede said...

Your yoof sounds a lot more exciting than mine was Drew. Excellent tune.