Friday 19 February 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Following on from yesterday's post the Idjut Boy's produced an absolutely brilliant remix of today's track with their Sarbeni mix of Stella Sunday, who would have thought that you could make such an emotional mix in honour of a particularly tasty kebab from a Sauchiehall Street fast food outlet, or so the legend goes. Anyway, your not getting that version as it has been posted here a couple of times instead we have the original which was tucked away on the b side of Glasgow Underground's The Festival ep which was released way back in 1995 on Junior Boy's Own offshoot Jus' Trax.

A home game tomorrow and if we win we would remain in fourth place in the league, I may be asking for too much but a clean sheet would also be nice.

Have a good weekend people

Glasgow Underground - Stella Sunday

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