Monday 8 February 2016

Miss Madeline

Today's soul comes from the Windy City and the Mar-V-Lus label. The single was released in 1967. It is one of those singles where both sides are equally as strong and as I cannot decide which one I prefer I will post both for your listening pleasure.

Prior to recording this single Madeline Strickland had recorded for the Mar-V-Lus label with a group of her contemporaries firstly know as The Young Miracles and then the Young Folk. The label thought that Madeline had the talent to make it as a solo artist and so this 7" was recorded which unfortunately bombed. I will never understand the decisions of the soul buying American public in the 60s as these two songs are the equal of most of the Motown 45s that were hits in 1967. Madeline returned to the fold of The Young Folks who split the following year with the girls forming a new group Love Column who failed to set the heather on fire. Later she and fellow member of both groups, Patrice Scaggs  sang backing vocals on Loleatta Holloway's early records.

Miss Madeline - Lonely Girl

Miss Madeline - Behave Yourself

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The Swede said...

I think you've linked the songs the wrong way round Drew - a very fine pair of tunes though!