Wednesday 29 April 2015

Turn Into

I think the consensus over at SA's the other week was that Maps was the best thing that Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs had done but it was by no means the only good thing that Karen, Nick and Brian had done. Here is one that I particularly like from the band's second album and as a bonus when you bought it you got a rather good live version of Maps on the flip side.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Maps (Live Roseland Ballroom 02-05-2006)


Brian said...

My comment at SA's place seems to have disappeared, but this was the one I chose as my favorite when he wrote about the YYYs the other day. The album was not quite as good as the first one or that early EP, but wow, what a song! Happy to see you're highlighting it today.

Swiss Adam said...

Disappeared?! Strange.
Did you leave it on the wordpress version of B Area?

Cracking live version of maps.