Sunday 26 April 2015

Mellow Sunday

I first heard this track when it was included Cat Power's second album of cover versions, Jukebox. IT was one of two songs that really stood out for me, the other being Song To Bobby. So I had to find out who did the originals and after a quick search on the internet search I discovered that the original of Aretha, Sing One For Me was by George Jackson and released on the Memphis label Hi in 1972.


George Jackson - Aretha, Sing One For Me

Cat Power - Aretha, Sing One For Me (Black session)


Anonymous said...

Love the George Jackson original, Drew! (Not crazy about Cat Power's cover, though.)

Anonymous said...

Agree with Marie. Great original, cover, meh. Never heard this before, so thanks!

george said...

I didn't know about this Cat Power album. This cover has a slightly disjointed feel to it, and to me the backing band sound a bit Little-Feat-ish. Wcich is no bad thing, Drew.

Darcy said...

I was first aware of George Jackson as a writer of some of Candi Staton's early Fame output. It wasn't until a few years ago I heard any of his own recordings, Aretha was probably the first. I'm a big fan now. Was listening to an excellent CD comp only last week on Deezer.