Monday 27 April 2015

My Northern Top Fifty 50 - 46.

This post was inspired by Marie's recent postings over at the sadly closed Spreadin' Some Rhythm Around,  I say inspired what I really mean is stolen but then slightly changed as mine's is a top fifty not forty. The added tunes weren't intentional it was just that I couldn't whittle my favourites down any further, When I plagiarised the idea I decided that I would only include songs that I had on vinyl, restrcting it further to singles only and was going to take the further step to only include original singles but by doing so I would probably not have been able to come up with 40 as a lot of my "northern" singles are either re-issues or pressings. I decided to just pull out of the two boxes, around 400 singles, the best ones and then whittle it down from there. After this initial exercise I had just shy of a hundred singles piled up on the floor.

And then the fun began.

All the records had to be played sometimes two or three times then pitted against others, with the record then going into one of three piles, stick-ons, mibbie's and just not quite good enough. Eventually after a lot of hardship,  having to endure listening to a lot of sweet soul  music I eventually had fifty.

I'm not going to be foolish to say this is my definitive 50 favourite northern soul tracks as next week if I were to try and compile it again a few would be replaced but the top twenty, which we will get to eventually would not change, well not much anyway

So here is the first batch

50. Timi Yuro - It Will Never Be Over For You

Very classy blue eyed soul from the Italian-American singer. One of the great last records of the night. It was strangely for a northern soul in demand record only ever released in the UK.

49. Barbara Randolph - I Got A Feeling.

Mega upbeat feel good tune and one of only two Randolph released for the Motown subsiduary Soul.

48. Booker T and The MGs - My  Sweet Potato

A lovely quite laid back piece of instrumental soul released on Stax in 1966.

47 The Voices of East Harlem - Cashing In

A Blackpool Mecca favourite that was a current release when Ian Levine first spun it in the Highland Room in 1973.

46. Martha Reeves - No One There

I've loved this track since I first heard it on the Tamla Motown Connoisseurs cd that came out back at the turn of the century. An early 70s single which for some strange reason did absolutely nothing at the time. The song was written and produced by Johnny Bristol.


Anonymous said...

This will be great fun, Drew! I'm pleased that you were inspired by my recent Top 40 Northern Soul posts. I don't consider it stealing OR plagiarizing - especially as you've acknowledged the source - unlike someone else I could name, but won't.

The first couple I've listened to so far, the Timi Yuro and Barbara Randolph, are terrific choices and I can't wait to hear what else is on your list.

Simon said...

I've been meaning to piece my list together somehow, from 100s, if not 1000s of tunes. Are you being strictly 'Northern' or will anything more mainstream creep in? What about 'modern'?

Dirk said...

Splendid idea, Drew! As a person who doesn't know all too much about Northern Soul I will be happy to learn from this series!!

Anonymous said...

my northern soul knowledge is pretty much very limited to say the least but after listening to these five tracks I'm thinking if the bottom 5 are this good how good are the top 5 gonna be.i can not wait.David

Walter said...

Very good idea Drew. And as Dirk said - I've a lot to learn and looking forward to the upcoming songs.

C said...

Having thoroughly enjoyed Marie's Top 40 I'm know I'm going to be loving this too. A great start to chart run down!

drew said...

Marie - thanks for that

Si - not all technically northern but no real modern. May have to do a separate run down for that.

Walter/ Dirk not sure you will be any the wiser after this. I just know what I like. I hope you will enjoy.

David - the top five are belters but I would say that.

C Thanks, I hope you do

Charity Chic said...

Really looking forward to this Drew

Brian said...

I'm with Walter and Drew. This will be a learning opportunity for me.

Swiss Adam said...

Ooh, this will be good. Line em up Drew.

Scott said...

Really looking forward to this Drew, especially after today's tracks.

WtFB? said...

wonderful, thanks!

Unknown said...

Dear Drew

I love your site Sir. I love your music and I really love your Northern Soul Top 50. I love reading people's Northern Soul Top tunes. They are SO very individual and a fantastic way to find great songs that were sadly lost in the flood or were missed. I too bought the Out On The Floor LP in 1982 that inspired me to go on a journey deep into unchartered soul that hasn’t stopped. There was also an article in The Face magazine at the time that was inspirational. Thank you. It is greatly appreciated. From Johnnie K a soul fan in Auckland 12 May 2015