Wednesday 15 April 2015

Good Looking Records

There are some record labels that produce beautiful, eye catching records with great covers such as Song By Toad, and the Great Pop Supplement to name just two from which I have recently played records inspiring this post. I know it should be all about the music and with both of these labels the music in no way takes a lower priority to the aesthetics but it is a bit of a buzz when you get something home and put it on the turntable and it looks as good as it sounds and is wrapped in something that has obviously taken time to be lovingly created.

As an example of this take the 100th release on the Great Pop Supplement which was a split 7" with Spectrum, Spacemen 3 and MGMT, the link being Peter Kember (Sonic Boom) was a member of both Spacemen 3 and Spectrum and produced MGMT's second album, Congratulations. The record is pressed on translucent green vinyl housed within a psychedelic hexagonal fold out card sleeve which really is very cool.  It was originally released in 2013 but only 200 of the 1000 pressed  went into circulation as there were legal problems surrounding the leasing of the MGMT track, the final 800 were eventually made available in November of last year. I have to admit that it is a pleasure to open unfold the cover and place this on the turntable just as it is to put on the beautiful clear vinyl Le Thug Place Is ep. If that makes me a saddoe then I will wear that badge proudly.

Spectrum - Bo's Web (demo)


After Artog's comments I have spent more time than I should have this morning trying to re-fold the thing correctly and eventually,  success!


Brian said...

High art, Drew. Looks really interesting. I didn't get into picture discs too much, but I could look at sleeves for hours.

Artog said...

I was so happy when I got a copy of this. Have you figured out how to re-fold the sleeve?

drew said...

Brian - I wasn't a lover of pic discs either but coloured vinyl, oh yes apart from when it came to the Angelic Upstarts and then it was the black you sought out as it appeared to be rarer.

Artog - in a word no.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool sleeve. I'm always worried I'll rip something like that
Swiss Adam